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REMINDER: Rockapella with Cartoon Johnny at The Birchmere TOMORROW NIGHT!

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  • tdonat1
    Hope you can make it out to see Rockapella with local faves Cartoon Johnny tomorrow night (Thursday) at The Birchmere! Details below. Best, Ted Donat ...
    Message 1 of 2 , May 4, 2011

      Hope you can make it out to see Rockapella with local faves Cartoon Johnny tomorrow night (Thursday) at The Birchmere!

      Details below.

      Ted Donat

      --- In midatlantic-acappella@yahoogroups.com, "tdonat1" <tdonat@...> wrote:
      > Dear A Cappella Friends and Fans,
      > I'm coming out of retirement just long enough to let you know about
      > a fabulous night of a cappella that you should not miss!
      > Come see legendary a cappella group Rockapella with special guests and
      > DC faves Cartoon Johnny at our beloved Birchmere on May 5th!
      > Details below.
      > Hope to see you there!
      > Best,
      > Ted Donat
      > ---------------------------
      > America's Leading A Cappella Group to
      > Perform at the Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, VA on May 5, 2011
      > Rockapella is back with a "Bang"! With the celebration of their
      > long-awaited new studio album titled, "Bang," this awe-inspiring
      > quintet of vocal talent returns to the Birchmere Music Hall on Thursday,
      > May 5, 2011. If you've missed their concert in the past, DON'T
      > MISS IT THIS YEAR! With new songs, new staging and new surprises, this
      > is the show not to miss.
      > The world's most loved five-man contemporary pop vocal phenomenon
      > known for their astonishing live performances and their 5-year stint as
      > the house band on the PBS hit kids game show, "Where In The World Is
      > Carmen Sandiego?", delivers a breathtaking album that stays true to
      > the group's roots, melding soul, rock, rhythm and blues together to
      > form their trademark style of contemporary pop music. "Bang!"
      > It's startling…exhilarating…impossible to ignore. It
      > features 12 all-original tracks (at least one written by each band
      > member), plus a bonus track cover of Vampire Weekend's,
      > "A-Punk."
      > The little miracle that keeps the crowds coming back year after year and
      > constantly drawing new fans is Rockapella's astounding full-band
      > sound that seems to be impossibly coming from just five guys with
      > microphones. No instruments, no tracks, no mirrors – and their hands
      > never leave their wrists. "We're making every bit as much music
      > as the whole `Glee' chorus – but with only 5 guys," says
      > Rockapella's human beat-box Jeff Thacher.
      > "We make it rock and make it interesting," explains Scott
      > Leonard, the group's chief songwriter, arranger and architect of
      > their evolving dynamic sound. USA Today summed up the lasting appeal
      > like this, "The best musical instrument of all is the human voice
      > – if you've seen Rockapella you know that's the truth."
      > WHO: Rockapella (www.Rockapella.com)
      > WHAT: An Intimate Evening with Rockapella with Cartoon Johnny!
      > WHEN: Wednesday, May 5, 2011, 7:30pm.
      > WHERE: The Birchmere, 3701 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA 22305
      > TICKETS: At Ticketmaster.com or call (800)745-3000. Tix also available
      > at Birchmere Box Office, from 5-9pm, any night we have a show.
      > "Bang" can be purchased through Rockapella.com
      > <http://rockapella.com/> via digital download, physical CDs and even a
      > Deluxe Package which includes two Live Bonus tracks and a microphone
      > shaped memory stick with the album preloaded onto it.
      > Recently, Rockapella released the first ever a cappella track on the
      > Rock Band Network with the title track from their new album, Bang
      > <http://www.rockapella.com/index.cfm/pk/view/cd/NAA/cdid/26083/pid/30260\
      > 5> . Rockapella's Jeff Thacher on the track's inclusion - "Many of our
      > fans are probably saying to themselves "Of course!" We're utterly
      > excited to be on Rock Band... I think it's definitely one of the coolest
      > moments in Rockapella's history!"
      > About Rockapella
      > The group was formed for the sheer love of performing; singing on New
      > York City street corners with a hat out at their feet. They caught the
      > eye of a producer putting together a television special titled "Do It A
      > Cappella," hosted by filmmaker Spike Lee. This in turn led to a daily
      > appearance on "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" Since then,
      > Rockapella has become an international sensation, touring throughout the
      > United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.
      > Rockapella has released 20 albums over the last 20 years, with their
      > most recent being Bang.
      > After sold-out national tours year after year, including sold-out
      > performances with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops Orchestra,
      > Rockapella guarantees each of their concerts will deliver an unrivaled
      > and joyful musical performance that cannot be found anywhere else.
      > All of Rockapella's members are accomplished musicians. Super-bass
      > George Baldi was formerly a member of the band that later became Boyz 2
      > Men; Steven Dorian comes to Rockapella straight from the world famous
      > stages of Disney, having played many major roles in Disney productions,
      > including Disney's Festival of the Lion King. Scott Leonard leads
      > the group musically, shaping Rockapella's characteristic sound by
      > writing, arranging and producing most of the group's material. John
      > Brown has performed across the country, on- and off-Broadway, and has
      > shared stages with greats such as Phil Collins, Tina Turner, and Julie
      > Andrews. Rockapella boasts the jaw-dropping, unique, and powerful
      > talents of Jeff Thacher, a pioneer and leader in the mouth percussion
      > world, who anchors the group's instrument-less sound.
      > For more information on Rockapella, tour dates and ticket sales, visit
      > www.ROCKAPELLA.com <http://www.rockapella.com/> .
      > About Cartoon Johnny
      > Cartoon Johnny is an energetic vocal band that pushes the limits of
      > traditional a cappella. Drawing on influences from classic soul to
      > modern alternative, they've crafted an exciting sound that is often
      > mistaken for an instrumental band - but it's all vocal.
      > Based in the Washington DC area, Cartoon Johnny performs a variety of
      > sure-fire audience favorites and their own original music, bringing
      > audiences to their feet show after show. They are two-time National
      > Harmony Sweepstakes finalsists, winning the title for the Mid-Atlantic
      > Region in 2005, and in New York in 2009.
      > Cartoon Johnny has shared the stage with some of the best in a cappella
      > and beyond. Highlights include headlining ACappellaFest Detroit in 2010,
      > and performing with Marvin Hamlisch in his Christmas special at the
      > Kennedy Center in 2008. Hamlisch invited the group to join him for his
      > July 4th concerts in San Diego in 2009.
      > For more information on Cartoon Johnny, visit www.cartoonjohnny.com
      > <http://www.cartoonjohnny.com/> .

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