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  • kingslider8
    Established a cappella vocal band and Three Time American Harmony Sweepstakes Honoree seeks a male vocal performer age 18-35 in appearance (preferably 21+) for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2010
      Established a cappella vocal band and Three Time American Harmony Sweepstakes Honoree seeks a male vocal performer age 18-35 in appearance (preferably 21+) for permanent placement with the band.

      We have performed throughout the greater Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Maryland area; and we have recorded content. Local appearances have included The Birchmere, Jammin Java, The Lubber Run theatre, Bar mitzvahs, and in venues throughout the region for private and public bookings.

      Please read the information below thoroughly.


      Send us an email!

      Please provide information about yourself, as well as soundclips, if you have them.


      ONE: Voice. You are a male vocalist, HIGHLY competent within your vocal range, with both the ability to sing a styled, compelling lead (aka "rock out") in your voice range and the ability to blend/harmonize as a background vocalist. IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE, we are seeking (1) true basses; (2) countertenors/male sopranos; (3) tenors. Baritones are welcome if they are strong performers and improve other dimensions of the act.

      TWO: Ear. You are able to harmonize/tune easily by ear and learn pre-established parts via sheet music, or part tapes, or another method of self-learning, preparing outside of rehearsals with the intent of bringing your preparation for group time. Sightreading, theory, other instrument/music tech skill backgrounds a plus. Strong relative pitch a must, good pitch memory a bonus. Incidentally, any formal education (particularly postsecondary) in music performance, education, and/or technology is a huge bonus.

      THREE: Supplemental Skills. You may have other vocal arts experience (vocal percussion / beatboxing / spoken word / rapping / vocal effects / MCing / public speaking / impersonations), any of which are a plus but are not substitutes for ability to sing (see "ONE", above). Demonstrated stage presence, energy, and charisma, however, are closer to requirements than pluses. You have the ability to work and play well with others and contribute beyond learning and performing music (this can range from organizational/business aspects to lugging gear around).

      FOUR: Audition. You must be available for an in-person audition, and local to Northern Virginia and the surrounding area, or committed to a frequent commute.

      FIVE: If you are selected, you must be available to rehearse with the band a minimum of one to two times per week (more as required). Our rehearsal locations vary, but are usually within about 30 minutes away from downtown DC. You are committed to prioritizing the band amidst your personal and professional schedule for the purposes of furthering the act and remaining in the greater DMV area for the longer term.

      Contact us with questions.

      The contents above are intended to inform participants of the audition requirements, and employment is neither implied nor guaranteed to any reader or applicant.

      Key Words:
      Singing without instruments.
      a cappella
      a ccappella
      vocal band
      vocal percussion
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