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RE: my influences

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  • John Hosie
    Adam, I appreciate your clarification of what you re looking for. When you re trying to get into singing a cappella with others, you have to go where others
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22, 2007
      I appreciate your clarification of what you're looking for.
      When you're trying to get into singing a cappella with others, you have to go where others are. Singing a cappella is an art. There are not all that many people who do it, let alone do it well. For most I know, the style isn't nearly as important as the fact that we're singing and harmonizing. It doesn't matter if we're doing some madrigal from the 1500's, a Gregorian chant, barbershop music, or doo-wop. The harmony - and ultimately, the fellowship with others, is what makes it work.
      So the advice I'd have is to find a group like an a cappella choir as a starting point. That is where you'll find singers. It might be at a church, a college or university, a community group, or a barbershop chapter. You go where the singers are and spend time singing with others. Over time you get to know people, and eventually find people who have common interests in the musical style. If you're lucky, someone will like to arrange music. Even luckier, you'll have people with the interest to really learn the stuff and practice a lot.
      That's the advice. If you want to sing, you have to go where singers are. And for that, you have to be willing to sing whatever they are to start with as a committed member of the group for a while before you start singing what you want. You might be lucky and find just what you want from the start. But that is not real likely. So take what you can.

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      > 1. my influences
      > Posted by: "adam clauser" blachawk19845654789@... blachawk1984565
      > Date: Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:20 am ((PDT))
      > here are some influences i have so everyone can hone in on my type of
      > singing style
      > oldies which include everything to the beatles, turtles,three dog
      > night, the guess who, the zombies, all sorts of other shtuff
      > also some alternative which i have analyzed some songs in my head
      > and "tweaked" by myself if you will. kind of made it alternapella haha.
      > i can even do some R&B songs as well. i forgot to mention this on my
      > first post hope this helps whoever is interested more of an insight
      > adam

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