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THE BOBS - concerts on the East Coast next week!

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  • Brynne Bob Whitney
    Hopefully, nothing but comic relief will pour down on the pre-soaked mid-Atlantic next weekend: THE BOBS are returning to Virginia and Pennsylvania for some
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2006
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      Hopefully, nothing but comic relief will pour down on the pre-soaked
      mid-Atlantic next weekend: THE BOBS are returning to Virginia and
      Pennsylvania for some midsummer night frolicking.

      THURSDAY 7/13/06 & FRIDAY 7/14/06 @ 8PM
      227 Maple Ave
      Vienna, VA
      Tix: 703-255-1566

      For years The Bobs heard about this great, intimate venue just down
      the road from The Barns of Wolf Trap. They're finally giving it a go!
      Local vocal posse The Tone Rangers will open the show on Thursday.
      Their Gregorian chant version of Wild Thing is not to be missed.

      Come out for the vocal fireworks. And yes, it's air-conditioned!

      SATURDAY 7/15/06 - TWO SHOWS! 3PM and 7:30PM
      Schwab Auditorium
      State College, PA
      tix: 814-237-3682

      This annual celebration of the visual and performing arts takes place
      each July in downtown State College, Pennsylvania, and on the adjacent
      campus of Penn State. (Go Nittany Lions!) Arts, crafts, races, other
      stuff. Spend the day and bring the kidlets. Rumor has it The Bobs will
      not leave the area until they have fully inspected the University

      SUNDAY 7/16/06
      Main and Temple Streets
      Sellersville, PA - near Philly
      tix: 215-257-5808

      Its former incarnations include a hotel, a stable and a garage - and
      it dates back to 1894. No, I'm not talking about the The Bobs, ya
      smartypantses... DaVinci's Notebook Alums and "professional singing
      persons" Paul and Storm open.

      For all of you Philly folks yearning for your Bobs fill, put down your
      cheesesteaks and get out of the city!

      Order at http://cdbaby.com/cd/thebobs

      The Bobs’ RHAPSODY IN BOB features a classic that truly rocks and
      classic rock from the most creative group to vocally reinvent cover
      tunes. Rhapsody in Blue premiered in New York in 1924 in a program
      called “An Experiment in Modern Music” alongside pieces incorporating
      barnyard calls and a tin can. George Gershwin originally called the
      piece American Rhapsody because it was such a melting pot of varied
      musical elements. So, what better group of artists to revisit this
      auspicious beginning than The Bobs, with a killer combination of vocal
      chops, Grammy-nominated arranging, and an inscrutable sense of humor
      that makes them impossible to categorize? Tallest Bob Ever Dan
      Schumacher (formerly of Kickshaw) debuts with The Bobs (replacing
      tenor Joe Finetti) on brand new recordings of six cover tunes ranging
      from Kurt Weill to Tom Petty to a new Bobs version of Cream’s White Room.

      Here's a review of the CD:

      To learn more about The Bobs, go to www.bobs.com
      To sign up for their regional concert notification database, send me
      an email: bobtrax at earthlink.net
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