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TENORS- Mentally Sober wants YOU!

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  • FrisbeeChick
    Mentally Sober (a brand-new Manhattan-based contemporary a cappella group) needs awesome tenors to complete its lineup! We ve got two in-house arrangers and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2005
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      Mentally Sober (a brand-new Manhattan-based contemporary a cappella group) needs awesome tenors to complete its lineup!  We've got two in-house arrangers and music just waiting for the addition of our final voices to be completed.  We're almost ready to start the serious leading-to-performing rehearsing... but we need tenors to do it! 
      Auditioners should be 21-35 with flexible and fun personalities.  (Kinda like ours!  ^_^)  Vocal percussion, writing, and arranging skills are helpful and welcome, but not necessary.  We are currently focusing on classic rock, but we're open to most music as long as there's an arranger who will take it on and it hasn't been done countless times before. 
      We have two-hour rehearsals once a week and while we have a great time, we're serious about music.  Be willing to commit!  We have ambition and want to take this project as far as we can go.
      Auditions start Thursday, July 28 on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.  Responders will receive an information form, and will get details and directions upon returning it.
      We can't wait to hear from you!

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