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VOICE - Audition Info (Philadelphia, PA)

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    THE VOICE A CAPPELLA ENSEMBLE Background & Audition Info
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2004


      Background & Audition Info


      The VOICE A Cappella Ensemble, a performance extension of the Soul Sanctuary arts education foundation (www.Soul-Sanctuary.net)  based in Philadelphia PA, is dedicated to celebrating and uplifting humanity by sharing our stories through song. Recognizing the human voice as the world’s first instrument, our mission is to explore the vast range of vocal sound through charted arrangements and improvisation. We strive to educate and enlighten our audiences by sharing music that explores the diversity and intricacies of the human experience.


      Rather than approach music from a large choral perspective, VOICE is working towards building a strong octet – 8 singers who can rise to the challenge of a cappella arrangements and make the music soar for our audiences!


      During the month of September, VOICE is pre-screening candidates to fill slots for the Fall 2004 semester and beyond. Our greatest need is for baritones/basses and vocal percussionists; however, we will audition for all voice parts. Scheduled "open call" live auditions or CD/tape submissions are both available. Vocalists are asked to prepare 2 short a cappella selections (verse and chorus only, no accompaniment)--one ballad and one uptempo number--of your choice. Classic or contemporary hits, as well as showtunes, are welcome. The strongest candidates will be asked to join the group's current members at an upcoming weekly rehearsal to learn additional material for further consideration.  Final notification will be made by telephone or e-mail on or before October 1st.


      RSVP to VOICE@... or call the Soul Sanctuary office at 215-473-2353 with any further questions and for submission/audition guidelines.

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