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778Ready for a real quartetting Challenge? Sign up for the 3rd Annual New England Harmony Brigade

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  • Lee Daum
    Jan 3, 2014

      Applications are now being accepted for the 2014 New England Harmony Brigade Rally!  And we are pleased to report that we are again expecting Men In Black to be our Quartet in Residence.

      The dates are September 19-21, 2014 at the same beautiful Marriott Courtyard in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and we expect to be performing our Saturday night show at Algonquin Regional High School.  We had such a great time singing with the three student ensembles on the show, and we were also able to make a big donation to Algonquin’s Music Department.  For those who were not there, all the Algonquin Ensembles learned “Lazy Day” and sang it with the Harmony Brigade Singers and Men In Black for the Finale.

      Based on the feedback we received NEHB music team has been a little more cognizant of the difficulty level of the championship songs chosen this year.  While some are more challenging than others (these are not intended to be “easy” songs), we have taken care to make sure that on the whole, you will be able to sing them well without extreme vocal acrobatics.   You'll definitely approve of the selections.  But as in all the other brigades, the important thing to know is that coming unprepared is not an option.  You must be fully “up to speed” on the words and notes of the twelve chosen songs.

      If you love quartet singing, and are willing to “do what it takes” to learn your music and want to sing at a very high level, you will love the New England Harmony Brigade.   Go to the web site http://www.nehb.net you will find a link where you can get more information and easily apply.   

      This year we have 24 new Brigade members, our first group!  These are men who attended both of our past rallies and submitted qualifying audition recordings last September.   Members have until February 15th to apply in order to have guaranteed acceptance that’s one of the benefits of membership!   If you are not yet a member and 2014 will be your second consecutive NEHB rally, bring your recorder with you and apply for membership! 

      Applications from all other applicants will be considered in the order we receive them, with members of other Brigades and those Applicants having a Sponsor (an NEHB member who plans to attend in 2014) getting the benefit of early application review after members.  If you are new to this, contact me, (president@...) if you would like a list of the current NEHB members to see if there is anyone you know who knows your singing experience and would be willing to sponsor you.  A sponsor is a member who agrees to work with you to insure you know your music up to Brigade standards and that you come 100% prepared.  (In addition, your name will be on your sponsor's badge and his name will be on yours.) 

      We have eased the application process by:

       1.  Putting in a “Check box” for those who came last year, so that if address, contact information, etc., is the same, you can just check that off.

       2.   This year, we are accepting payments through Paypal, which eliminates the need to send a check.  And we have eliminated any “extra charge” for using Paypal.  That simplifies things and saves you money!

       3. The cost of the weekend remains the same at $285, but to ease bookkeeping (and there is a lot of bookkeeping!) we have divided the cost in half for purposes of registration, so the deposit is now $142.50 instead of $140 as last year.  (You will owe the remaining $142.50 upon arrival at the Rally)

       Please remember that your application is not complete and cannot be considered until we receive your $142.50 deposit (either by check or through Paypal).

       Song selection is well underway, and we are planning to have music out by the first part of April…so you will have plenty of time to learn your music.  There’s an exciting selection of songs this year…we know you'll love singing them!  And seven of the songs are common core songs with other Brigades so if you attend any other Brigade this year you will have a good head start for knowing all of your songs for NEHB.

       Please contact me at president@... if you have an questions.  I look forward to seeing and singing with every one of you in September!

       Yours in Harmony,

      Lee Daum

      Lee Daum- President

      New England Harmony Brigade

      35 George St.|Arlington, MA |  02476

      Tel: 781-643-7468