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57dc singer looking for group

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  • pixirains
    Mar 7, 2002
      hey, i'm a 22 year old singer/songwriter who moved to dc about 2
      months ago. i just graduated from wesleyan university in connecticut
      and have really been missing my co-ed acappella group. i majored in
      music performance and composition so i love singing and arranging but
      i don't know of any acappella groups in dc. if there are any groups
      out there looking for a female voice (soprano, alto, tenor - i don't
      care) i would love to talk to you. oh and if you live anywhere near
      vienna, i have a show this saturday (march 9) at barnes and noble in
      fairfax - free music - so you can check and see if i'm what you're
      looking for :) ok though, hope all's lovely, ciao, flo :) p.s. my
      email address is fanito@...