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42FYI - new tunes on A Cappella Always

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  • Eric Mueller
    Nov 4, 2001
      Hi all, FYI, over the past few weeks I've added a bunch of new tracks to A
      Cappella Always, my 24/7 all-a cappella Internet radio station.

      Tune in for new tunes from the 17th Ave. All Stars, Reverb, A Perfect Blend,
      Blind Man's Bluff, Chapter Six, Five O'Clock Shadow, City Lights,
      Exboyfriends, The Flying Pickets, Live Wire, Toxic Audio, Sweet Deliverance,
      Sixth Wave, SoVoSo, The Bobs and the Total Experience Gospel Choir!


      Eric (former tenor/baritone, "Press Any Key," Berkeley, CA)

      Eric Mueller, eric@...

      tune into A Cappella Always, the 24/7 all-a cappella Internet radio station!