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  • tdonat1
    Dec 10, 2007

      Dear Mid-Atlantic A Cappella Fans,

      Happy Chanukah!

      Merry Christmas!

      Joyous Kwanzaa!

      Fenomenal Festivus!

      This communication can only mean one thing – that's right, the time is once again upon us to crank up the Harmony Sweepstakes Mid-Atlantic Regional machine!

      First order of business – shorten that cumbersome name!  A few suggestions:

      • HaSMAR (hmm…sounds like a terrorist organization that just had its funding frozen)
      • HarmSweep MAR (sounds like a black ops DoD program)
      • HarSweMidAR (just…stupid)

      OK...I'll keep working on it!

      Last year's winners DoubleShot! have agreed to make the trek from wintry Pittsburgh, PA to lend their particular brand of lunacy to the proceedings as hosts.

      Below are the particulars:

      Believe it or not, this will be our seventh straight year at the beloved Birchmere!

      Below is information on how to enter:

      • Entry Deadline: January 31, 2008
      • Rules: You must be a group of between 3 and 8 members to be eligible. You do not need to be from the Mid-Atlantic area! Please go to http://www.harmony-sweepstakes.com/rules.html for a comprehensive list of rules.

      To enter:

      1. Go to http://www.harmony-sweepstakes.com/enter.html and follow the instructions.
      2. Send a music sample and two 8x10 photos to me. I use one photo for the "marquis" out front, so you should send something you would be proud to have displayed! The other one I keep for my files. If you have digital media (mp3's, jpegs, etc.), e-mail them to tdonat AT gmail.com.  Otherwise, you can send tapes, CD's and 8x10's via snail mail to me at the below address:

      Ted Donat
      3817 Prince William Drive
      Fairfax, VA  22031

      We look forward to another fantastic show!

      Best regards,

      Ted Donat, Producer/Regional Director, Harmony Sweepstakes Mid-Atlantic Regional
      Sara Rasmussen, Assistant Producer
      Paul D'Andrea, Dale Juarbe, Associate Producers

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