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  • The Legendary One
    Jul 11, 2007
      I have an unusual request. I'm getting married in Nov, 2008 in the
      Philly area. I'm trying to convince my bride to hire an acappella
      group to sing 2-3 songs (soft slow pop numbers)as our guests seat
      before the ceremony and more specifically we'll need you guys to do a
      version of Pacabels Canon. I think it would be a really unique way to
      begin our event. If you live close to the area we can come meet and
      listen to you. Otherwise you can videotape your rendition and I'll
      send you my address. The key is convincing my fiance. Of course if and
      when we hire your services we can negotiate prices and your group will
      be handsomely compensated for this unique entertainment. Email me (I'm
      great in replying) dirtybloke@.... Thanks, Ryan.