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Re: [microhydro] Re: book(s), website, or other "self-ed. resource"?

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  • Jane Daniels-Hall
    Hi John, We also live in Maine and would very much appreciate visiting your setup. We just purchased our 7 acres on Black Stream and want to put in a
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      Hi John, We also live in Maine and would very much appreciate visiting your setup. We just purchased our 7 acres on Black Stream and want to put in a microhydro operation. We have just begun learning about this. We're true beginners. I did visit the Old Sparhawk Mill in Yarmouth and checked out his hydro plant....but that is huge! Do you heat your house with electric? I'm really attracted to the melting driveway idea, (our snowblower broke) If you could let us know when we might see it and where you are, you could email me privately at daniels_hall@...<mailto:daniels_hall@...> . Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Jane

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      Subject: [microhydro] Re: book(s), website, or other "self-ed. resource"?

      I live in Maine and use hydro for my energy needs. On an average month I
      produce 45,000 kwhrs of electrical power and throw away 28,000 to 21,000
      kwhrs. I furnish electrical power to four of my neighbors. I try to
      consume as much power as I can and even electrically heat my chicken coop
      and keep it lit with many bright white heat lamps. I plan to heat my
      driveway so that I don't need to worry about snow removal. You or anyone
      else are invited to visit and see my setup and operation.

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      Subject: [microhydro] Re: book(s), website, or other "self-ed. resource"?
      Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 22:40:02 -0000

      Thank you for referring me to the book "MicroHydro Design Manual."
      To answer your question, "In what area are you living?" I live in
      New Jersey, USA, and I plan to move to New Hampshire, USA. There are
      abundant water and wind resources in many parts of New Hampshire.
      Because New Hampshire is a very northern US state, the solar resource
      is only modest.
      I will heat my hot water with thermal solar.
      I plan to get as much electricity as possible from Hydro first.
      If I need still more electricity, I will go to wind. If I still need
      more electricity, I will go to solar photovoltaics.
      So I'd now like to bring
      > myself up to speed on Micro-Hydro.
      > Can you recommend any book(s), website, or other
      > "self-education resource" I might use to familiar
      > myself with Micro-Hydro?
      > Thank you for your consideration.
      > Be well,
      > John Fitzpatrick (Butler, New Jersey 07405, USA)
      > johnkingofspades@...<mailto:johnkingofspades@...>

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