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Re: larger scale power storage

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  • stan45039
    Hi Joel, I m replying mainly because I m disappointed that no one else has responded to your additional information. ... I believe he meant that when you have
    Message 1 of 17 , Nov 4, 2002
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      Hi Joel,

      I'm replying mainly because I'm disappointed that no one else has
      responded to your additional information.

      When Nando said:
      > "My father used to say, people do and say odds things
      > to promulgate their places or ideas."

      I believe he meant that when you have an idea about something, an
      assumption perhaps, that is not necessarily so, then you may play out
      your logic based on that assumption, ending up with conclusions that
      are either strange or erroneous.

      I'm going to promulgate my ideas a little further now, because I've
      enjoyed thinking about the problem your situation presents. It also
      has some relevance to a situation I will be in someday.

      I was the one who mentioned kinetic energy storage. I'll come back to
      that..., but first I'd like to make a couple of other points. First,
      you could use more than one type of storage to meet different
      portions of your requirements. Of course, this is likely to be less
      cost effective than just one solution that does everything. Second, I
      wanted to point out that rather than attempting to surmount
      tremendous obstacles trying to store your existing energy, you might
      also benefit from alternative means to generate energy.

      Now back to kinetic energy. I wanted to mention that you can build
      with and use materials you have at hand, i.e. no need for a boxcar or
      steel rails - I was thinking perhaps wooden rails and wheels. Also,
      you do not need to think of such a large scale - I was thinking
      perhaps a large number of carts of manageable size which could be
      raised and then parked for later use. Or possibly, you could work out
      a series of mechanisms to raise a number of entire trees up your

      Keep in mind my comment above about dividing the responsibilities for
      the energy storage. It seems to me that this type of system would be
      well suited to both long term storage (months or years are not a
      problem), and to energy demands that exceed the normal output of your
      system. It may not adequately address the time across which you need
      the energies, and it might not be able to store enough in a
      reasonable amount of space. And probably it won't be efficient at
      meeting lower level, longer time energy needs.

      Also keep in mind that I'm not an expert of any sort. I'm interested
      in answers to this question, and I figure if I keep answering
      incoherently, maybe someone will get annoyed and give you a real
      answer :)


      --- In microhydro@y..., "joel" <wd6fyc@h...> wrote:
      > Sorry for the delay in responding to all your questions but I have
      been away
      > for a while.
      > I apologize for not laying the problem out too clearly but
      truthfully I
      > didn't expect much interest in the subject.
      > The hydrologic cycle in my location is dry summer and fall, wet
      > with fair runoff in the spring. In the winter all available power is
      > consumed in house heating but when it warms up in the spring the
      power is
      > still available but heating the house is no longer desired. I
      > measured the amount of power that bleeds off in heat but a rough
      guess would
      > be about 6500 kwh. There is also a waste of energy when in the
      daily power
      > use cycle throughout the year.
      > The type of power storage I am looking for needs to be long term (6
      > to years) versatile for such things as an electric range to part
      time use
      > of loads that exceed the total output of the system such as a
      sawmill or
      > large furnaces. I realize this is one of the highest criteria type
      of power
      > storage requirements.
      > Thorhallur, by water storage I was meaning like a dam.
      > Kirk, I don't have anything against hydrogen except from what I have
      > researched it won't store this much energy except for a lot more
      money than
      > I can spend.
      > Nando please explain. "My father used to say, people do and say
      odds things
      > to promulgate their
      > places or ideas."
      > Thank You.
      > Joel
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