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Re: [microhydro] Future of microhydro?

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  • Nando
    I see this NOT as a blatant attempt by Davis to use the list to get business but as a blatant attempt by Ron Davis to Pull Joe H and Peter R to kind of being
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 25, 2013
      I see this NOT as a "blatant attempt by Davis to use the list to get business" but as a blatant attempt by Ron Davis to Pull Joe H and Peter R to kind of being forced to reply to Ron Davis to publicly allow Ron Davis to use their Turgo Spoon profiles for his own use.
      The technology capabilities of Ron Davis are clearly demonstrated as being incapable to design his own spoons to build the Turgo turbine, any person with some basic mechanical knowledge should be able to take a spoon made by other manufacturer and modify the basic profile and still maintain the form and efficiency and end up having a Turgo turbine that does not infringe in any one designs.
      It is either arrogance or ignorance what keeps Ron Davis "attacking" the two gentlemen and unhappily I was pulled into this "fiasco" by Ron Davis himself when Ginnee Hancock ordered a couple of turbines from him and paid for them as Ginnee Hancock has demonstrated several times.
      As a matter of fact, if I have known that Ginnee Hancock was ordering a couple of turbines, I  would suggested to her NOT to order such rudimentary casing designed poorly and not geared to be as a complement to a generator( alternator ) and not using a car alternator which it is a very poor design decision.
      If Ron Davis have been able to read to this phrase, my suggestion is to get Turgo turbines from other manufacturers in the world -- available in Europe ( Italy) , in New Zealand (Power ) and so many others and get the spoons to infringe their copyright and do what your character tells you to do.
      You are not paying attention to those that manufacture Turgo spoons, they are not  "fighting" between themselves since each one of them have their own Turgo Design done -- why don't you stop this nonsense and do a Turgo turbine using somebody else spoons -- it is time for you to MATURE even though your photos with long beard indicate that you should be already that Mature for some reason -- that NO body knows -- you have been unable to reach that level of Maturity.
      Then just send the money to GINNEE HANCOCK -- I am very sure that she will reply informing the world via the microhydro group that you have returned the money you took for the ordered two turgo turbines and STOP being HARD HEADED.
      A copy of this message is being sent to GINNEE if she cares to say anything, I do not expect it but  who knows ?>
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      joel@... wrote at 11:51 AM 4/21/2013:

      Yes. I thought this was put to rest years ago as all the posted material shows. Seems like a blatant attempt to Sh*t stir. I hope Win takes note.

      I see it more as a blatant attempt by Davis to use the list to get business, as others have done in the past. I do not particularly like it, but apparently it is not against list rules.

      As for Ginnee Hancock, I do not pretend to know what is going on with that, though some folks seem willing to take her word for the situation in order to help them vilify Davis. I do find it interesting that in all the years I have heard of Davis and the Watermotor (since before 1999), Ginnee Hancock is the only customer I have heard complain.

      Davis spamming the list aside, the rest seems to just be part of an ongoing effort to drag Davis' name through the mud because he insisted that something in the public domain actually be treated as such, while others hoped to exclusively market it.

      Of course, the main anti-Davis mouthpiece is never wrong, even when he is, and will need to vigorously defend the ant-Davis commitment he made.

      From: Nando
      Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 6:30 AM
      To: microhydro@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [microhydro] Future of microhydro?


      RON DAVIS:
      Like a good radical you utilize a basically simple message to see if you can send one of your diatribes still trying hard to see how to capture the idea of a free design for your own use .
      Also I quote  GINNEE  HANCOCK  -- WHERE you can see the date of her posting
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      From: Ginnee Hancock
      microhydro@yahoogroups.com ; WIM KLUNNE
      Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 10:10
      Subject: Re: WIM

      I have never received my spoons, my turgo, nor my money returned to me.  Ron Davis is a criminal.....a fraud.....a thief.  If he ever was a real business man....he is no longer.  He is a criminal who stole my money.  Feel free to share this with whomever needs to know.
      RON DAVIS:
      If you are "teaching" some hydroelectric classes, I hope, you have studied enough mechanical and electrical principles to show your students that your turgo scheme is a poor one, difficult to make and unstable due to the poor mechanical principles applied to the turgo turbine in general.
      Most important , when are you going to respond to GINNEE HANCOCK for her to clearly declare that she has received the money or the turgos as per contract that you have not fulfilled at all and just taking her money and not supplying the turgos as  per contract you signed ?.
      It is too bad that the Moderator of the microhydro group let your lower message pass through because the moderator did not read it, I  hope that from now on the moderator check all the messages generated by the all your aliases that you have.
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      From: davis ron
      To: microhydro@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 10:44
      Subject: [microhydro] Future of microhydro?

      Over the last few years I have noticed that when talking of different types of ·alternative" energies, microhydro is given less and less prominence, or not mentioned at ALL! Microhydro was the only reliable source of natural energy for thousands of years and the basis of modern technology.

      SEE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHVqZkJ1a2ZVRklleE96ZG11cFB2TVE6MQ
       Ron Davis
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      Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2013 6:40 PM
      Subject: Turgo--Free at Last!

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      From: davis ron <watermotor@...>
      To: doug walker <dougawalker@...>; davis ron <watermotor@...>; diane bellomy <cnsorata@...>; joseph hartvigsen <joe@...>
      Sent: Friday, April 12, 2013 10:47 PM
      Subject: Turgo--Free at Last!
                                             Turgo Turbine Design—Returned to Public Domain
       For years the public has been prevented from using what is probably the best turbine design for small hydro power by false design ownership claims made on the Internet
      When Joseph Hartvigsen of Kaysville Utah(Hartvigsen Hydro, h-hydro.com),and Peter Ruyter of Sweden (Cargo & Kraft) began producing and selling cast metal turgo type turbine runners Hartvigsen posted the following message on the www.microhydropower.net discussion site(Dec.12, 2005, since removed by list owner Wim Klunne).

       Among other things this message asserts that this turgo design is the sole property of Peter Ruyter in Sweden and anyone else in the world using this design is doing so “illegally”. This message was repeated and reaffirmed by both Hartvigsen and Ruyter many times during the next several years on the same discussion site.
      (See: www.microhydropower.net, discussion-archives,)
       At the time of Hartvigsen’s posting we had been using this same turgo design for five years in our Watermotor turbines (watermotor.net) made here in Bolivia. Originally, we had been told by Hartvigsen in 1999 that the turgo was an “orphan design” and encouraged to use it. Since we designed the Watermotor to be in public domain we would obviously have never used a proprietary turgo design.
                                                                       Turgo design--Free at Last
      On Dec.24, 2009 Hartvigsen met with patent attorney Brian Kunzler in Salt Lake City Utah. According to attorney Kunzler at this meeting Hartvigsen was unable to present any evidence to support the claims and statements made on the Internet regarding the ownership of the turgo design by Peter Ruyter, or his own claimed exclusive license to produce the design. Kunzler also said that Hartvigsen was unable to provide any evidence that Ruyter had purchased the design from anyone, or any information at all regarding the origin of the design.  In short, neither Hartvigsen nor Ruyter could produce any evidence at all that the turgo design we use in our Watermotors is NOT in public domain, or that the turgo design ownership claims made by them on the Internet for a number of years were other than entirely fictitious.
      (After being exposed as frauds Hartvigsen and Ruyter began accusing me of being “anti-Bush”,” anti-American”, “against the war on terror”, and eventually of being the fugitive American bomber Leo Burt, on the FBI most wanted list. They were unable to explain why they never informed the FBI of this amazing fact and collect the $150,000 reward.  See: Watermotorstory.blogspot.com

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