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  • Nando
    Ed: Your project will evolve -- dam repair and so on Hydro electric projects need to be defined carefully and as well very well analyzed to find the stream
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      Your project will evolve -- dam repair and so on

      Hydro electric projects need to be defined carefully and as well very well analyzed to find the stream source capabilities and at the same time to see what is the best path to follow -- specially if You do not have the experience of working with water energy.

      The suggestions you gave by showing the water volume that the overflow pipe indicated and as well, the suggestion of energy harvesting at those point -- tend to show that you may not have the know-how to really optimize the energy harvesting.

      I pointed up the "real" area where you could produce energy and was the indication that the stream was coming from a higher elevation -- and gave you a basic calculation --

      Also, if your project proceeds, then it is best for you to accurately measure the water available during the different seasons and at the same time to measure the head, from the first upper pond to where the stream enters the farm or comes out of the ground --

      Be aware that for hydro electric systems -- head is first consideration and volume is the second consideration.

      Also, if the overflow coming out of the second down stream pond has a head going down hill to the edge of your farm, it is good to measure as well, -- this will give the best data to do the analysis of your stream energy harvesting capabilities -- to the point that you may install two systems to maximize the harvesting - or to make the decision of doing an alternate energy source using both heads ( if exist ) and still with the ponds filled but with less water feeding them.

      I did a dual system in a farm where the upper section produced enough energy for daily use and the lower section went ON when higher power was required to process, in this case , coffee instead of buying diesel to run the generators -- also used as an alternate hydro system if the upper required maintenance .


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      ...again Thank you to everyone for your input.
      I would like to add that again this is >all preliminary< on my part as it was prompted first by the need to repair our dams and the time of year. I do still think that as was mentioned, this project is one that will evolve and most likely only be a part of possible system between hydro, solar and wind. How these pieces will fit together, I am not sure at this point. I see this more so in having options to charge a storage system with trade offs between the hydro, solar and wind in a future worst case scenario. I also see it as a response to current concerns I have about the future of the dependability of both availability and affordability of being on the local grid. We currently have a 200 amp residential service and another 400 amp commercial service for the rest of the farm. Two hundred years ago, the farm had zero service. So the best case scenario is possibly to have developed an alternative energy system somewhere in between. :)
      For now, I am going back to just reading the various post on this group list. As time will pass, if I have anything worthy of a post, don't be surprised. I suspect though that will not be for some months down the road.
      In closing... Sincerely Thank you to Everyone for your input and advice. It is very appreciated. If I may offer just a little bit of advice that would be this... Don't be too hard on each other. After being on this list for sometime now and reading many many many of the various threads. This is a great resource and inspiration. It is All Good! Thanks, Ed
      Re: high land farm general advice.
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      high land farm general advice.
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