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Bls: [microhydro] Re: Heat transfer, was heat from spring

Abdul Munir   Pesan Asli   Dari: 'Thomas Schuler' Th.schuler@... [microhydro] Terkirim: Kamis, 8 Oktober 2015 03.09 Ke: microhydro@yahoogroups.com Balas
A.Munir HB
12:15 PM

Re: Heat transfer, was heat from spring

Von: "'FRANK HELLER' fjheller@... [microhydro]" ... It would work. Except that when you need the heat most, the sun
Thomas Schuler
Oct 7

Re: Heat transfer, was heat from spring

I like this multiplier effect, and wonder whether the gain from running the water through a solar pool (large) heater or a DIY heat box would further maximize
Oct 6

Re: Heat transfer, was heat from spring

I’d be interested to know how the piping was attached to the hull. if done poorly, the transfer coefficient would be really terrible. I’ve seen some of
Hans Woehlck
Oct 5

Heat transfer, was heat from spring

David, Google "water source heat pump" for available package heat pump units. Pump water from the pond through the unit and back to the pond. If the Spring
Robert Maginnis
Oct 4

heat from spring

In light of the recent topic of using a heat pump in Alaska I can't help but ask this question. Several months ago when we purchased our property I asked
Oct 4

Re: powering a heat pump

Gentlemen - I really like the idea of using a turbine driven heat pump to heat my home and office. I believe I can place a heat exchanger ( long loop of copper
Cameron MacLeod
Oct 3

Re: powering a heat pump

I would agree with the recommendation for a hermetically sealed unit. Inverter controlled scroll units allow you to adjust the load on the system, which may
Hans Woehlck
Oct 2

Re: powering a heat pump

Greg,  First, run some ballpark numbers to make sure the amount of heat you might get is economically worth the cost and complexity of the system you are
Joel Groves
Oct 1

Re: new microhydro group [3 Attachments]

Does the World Bank deal DIRECTLY with non-governmental organizations OR, individual s as such.?? In my experience, in Jamaica, 50 - 70 % of funds granted for
Tony Goffe
Sep 30

Re: powering a heat pump

Hi Greg I agee with Eric for hermetic compressor. Another alternative is use a commercial split air conditioner with inverter DC variable speed motor, TRANE or
Carlos Bonifetti
Sep 30

Re: powering a heat pump

hello, 36 f is 2.2 celsuis not a lot of heat ! remember that the water freeze at 0 celsuis (32F) But with a big Heat exchanger you will catch power without
Sep 30

Small hydropower in Africa - side event at SAIREC - 4 October 2015 -

*SIDE EVENT @ SAIREC * *Small hydropower in Africa* *huge resource, yet limited implementation* *Sunday, 4^th of October* *14:30 – 16:00 Hall 1A* Side event
Wim Jonker Klunne
Sep 29

Re: new microhydro group

This week, we launched the report Nepal: Scaling up Electricity Access through Mini and Micro Hydropower Applications. This new report explores the barriers
Guna Raj Dhakal
Sep 29
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Re: powering a heat pump

Heat pumps, to my knowledge, are just air conditioners moving heat from one place to another by means of a phase-changing working fluid. Most systems use a
Sep 29
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