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Re: Intake screening woes If I could jump in here, all over S. Fla and I suppose anywhere that government can throw money at a problem...I see elaborate automatic debris-eliminating
1:55 PM
Re: Intake screening woes Hi all, This has been the best thread on the forum in ages - thanks Manfred. Do you know how your new arrangement works during flood conditions yet, or just
ian benson
11:39 AM
Re: Intake screening woes ... water will run across a level surface well enough if you pile up enough of it behind. I contend that there is virtue in "lining up" the water rather than
Fritz Oppliger
Apr 17
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Re: Intake screening woes I have been following this thread with half an eye. One thought that comes to mind is that one should have a side intake system - in other words the penstock
Laurence Lombard
Apr 17
Re: Intake screening woes Thanks Bob... was thinking of I" pvc pipe "curtain" made of foot-long pieces glued into the weighted side of the floater ... (??) ... From: rkweir@...
Tony Goffe
Apr 17
Re: Intake screening woes Bjorn, ... I have considered that, but it's hard to do. The problem is what happens during floods! At such times there will be at least 50cm deep water over my
Manfred Mornhinweg
Apr 17
Re: Intake screening woes Dear all, I have started to make a list of things to try! Thor, ... That's something I never had thought of. Maybe it works, but I have my doubts. I would
Manfred Mornhinweg
Apr 17
Re: Running water through a rotating drum screen There are dry sifters which might work. Essentially you'd run your penstock flow through a large rotating screen drum.put some fins on it so the water causes
Apr 17
Re: Intake screening woes More on the apron idea. It is more like a race that you want, to give the water the speed to push things along. So, how about covering part of the deep water
Fritz Oppliger
Apr 16
Re: Intake screening woes Great documentation! What about an automatic brush cleaner..... install a simple undershoot paddle wheel in the stream with the axis passing over the screen.
Apr 16
Re: Intake screening woes Tony, Fill your capped pipe about 1/2 full of water before you cap it. That way it will sink into the water and divert more. Better yet get a good wedge wire
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes Manfred Compared to most people my stuff is pretty crude, but I also have a LOT of debris and variation in flow. The key to getting my coanda screen to work
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes Hey Manfred   I have followed this project from the start and have drawn much inspiration from you over the years.   I only comment here very occasionally
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes Dear all, here are my detailed answers to each of you! Manjunath, ... Indeed that could be a good solution. But it requires comparatively complex machinery,
Manfred Mornhinweg
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes Hi, have you tried a "floater" ? What that is ...a piece of floating, (capped-at both ends) PVC pipe that is tethered to the bank, so as to float / lay
Tony Goffe
Apr 15
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Re: Intake screening woes Dear Manfred, I think you're looking at the problem in the wrong way. By the time the leaves and logs get to yours screen you already have a problem that
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes... If a settling basin or an intake in a concrete column located below the surface of the water, then I'd stop fighting nature And consider installing an
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes Manfred, If I am getting the picture right, is it possible to cut the overflow in the concrete forebay so there is a greater flow rate over the screen at the
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes in this picture http://ludens.cl/paradise/turbine/IMG_8462.jpg I would try FINER mesh on top of what you have - mosquito screen or coanda . Add an apron by
Fritz Oppliger
Apr 15
Re: Intake screening woes Hi Manfred, Just an idea for further development, use some kind of a comb-filter. My late uncle worked quite a lot on micro hydro during his live. He often
Apr 15
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Re: Intake screening woes Dear Manjutah, Bjorn, Joel, Chuck, Paul, Patrick, Bob, Ian, Mark, and any other who might have replied after I got the last group digest, first let me express
Manfred Mornhinweg
Apr 14
Re: Intake screening woes Hi , I solved the intake / trash rack clogging problem and got a few more feet of head in the process. See:
Robert J. Honders Sr
Apr 14
Re: Intake screening woes The only time I have problems is in the fall when there is no excess flow and the creek in being clogged with falling leaves. All other times the screen stays
Apr 14
Re: Intake screening woes Manfred: Have you tried a silt trap? It sacrifices a bit of head (half the height of the trap) but can be effective for certain flows (I'm not sure what yours
Rob Landau
Apr 14
Re: Intake screening woes Manfred, Could you post some pictures of the intake region of the stream, and give us the flow rate you need to screen and the 'head-loss' which will be
ian benson
Apr 13
Re: Intake screening woes Manfred, As a tilted wire wedge wire screen guy I am very interested in your problem, and will help you to solve your problem. To begin with, all of us in
Apr 13
Re: Intake screening woes I haven’t got my system into operation but my water supply is an old mill Race dating from 1771. It has a stilling pool it the end of the race where the
Pat Moore
Apr 13
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Re: Intake screening woes Hi Manfred and hydro enthusiasts.  I once came across a rotating screen that had internal spiral vanes. These were arranged to turn the screen so that the
Paul Glouchkow
Apr 13
Re: Intake screening woes Sounds like a perfect application for a Hydroscreen. Contact Bob Weir at: www.hydroscreen.com Chuck Hutton From: microhydro@yahoogroups.com
Chuck Hutton
Apr 13
Re: Digest Number 3606 Dear Manfred, I too am very interrested in finding a solution to this problem. I have a system with similar head and flow to yours (turgo with 40 L/ second and
Mark Attwood
Apr 13
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