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8Reminders for Microbio Lab, Dec 1

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  • Cathy Lim
    Nov 29, 2009
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      Just to repeat what ma'am de guzman already said in her last email :D

      Study for Long Quiz: Exercise 1, 2 (is 3 included? o_o)

      For each group:
          10-15 pcs sterile cotton swabs
          oven mitten (the kind used in baking)
          Answered Exercise 3 (Don't forget the references and flowchart)
          Flowchart for Exercise 4 and 5

          Copies of Exercises 4 and 5
          (Soft copies have already been uploaded in the yahoo group; if you don't have a printer, i'll be leaving my copy with Ate Alma around 12 on Tuesday)

      There are also 3 groups that did not get their checked Exercises 1 and 2, maybe I can meet you sometime tomorrow before class or I can also leave it with Ate Alma :D

      Cathy Lim

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