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[Reminder] [gathering, x-posted] October Michigan Hellenic Gathering

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  • Ruadhan J McElroy
    Date: Friday, October 5th, 2007 Time: 5pm-Sundown Place: Island Drive Park, Ann Arbor, MI @ the Classical Revival shelter (address: 1450 Island Park
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2007
      Date: Friday, October 5th, 2007
      Time: 5pm-Sundown
      Place: Island Drive Park, Ann Arbor, MI @ the "Classical Revival"
      shelter (address: 1450 Island Park Drive, Ann Arbor, MI)
      Air: Casual, very casual

      Due to family issues beyond any mortal control, September's gathering
      didn't go as well as August's, but mainly because I ended up being the
      only known Hellenist in the park that day. Regardless, the show must go on.

      September's gathering date also reminded me that this public park is a
      little hard to find, so here is my attempt at giving directions:

      1: If you are not local to the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, find Ann Arbor.

      2: According to my Maps, 23 and 94 (Highways) will both get you to W.
      Huron. You want to take Huron East to Fuller.

      3: Take Fuller North. Fuller will curve back Eastward. Turn Northwest
      on Maiden Lane.

      4: Maiden Lane will intersect with Island Drive. If you're following
      these directions exactly, the sign for Island Park should be on your
      right. (The sign will say "Island Park, locals call it "Island Drive

      5: When you turn in on Island Drive, the park will be on your right,
      apartments on your left. Don't let this fool you, it's very much a
      public park. The "Classical Revival" shelter will be visible through
      the trees on your right. When you exit your car, you'll need to go over
      a small concrete bridge to get to the shelter. Or just walk through the
      fork of the river, but then you'll get your feet wet -- your choice.

      If you still insist on using MapQuest or a GPS, you MAY need to just
      enter in the Island Drive/Maiden Lane intersection. Trust me on this,
      the park is, for some reason, not on my room-mate's GPS-data, and
      whenever we enter in the nearest address, it wants us to drive through
      somebody's living room to get there -- I am *not* joking.
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