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29350AF4 Casa/Bolger Work Skiff 18 Hybrid?

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  • Matthew Hall
    Jul 16, 2014
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      This is kind of a thinking out loud post.  I've been digging deep into the Yahoo groups archives lately for anything and everything related to both Jim's AF4 Casa, and Bolgers Work Skiff 18.  There are a lot of similarities between the boats.  Work Skiff 18 is 18' x 5' 3" while AF4 Casa is 18' x 6'.  Sheer height on Work Skiff 18 looks to be about 20" (the study plans online are very grainy) where as AF4 Casa is a full 24".  Finally, width of Work Skiff 18 is constant aft of about 9', which is very similar to AF4 Casa.  A major difference, however, is that Work Skiff 18 also specifies a 16" x 1.5" shoe on the bottom which Payson in "Instant Boats" claims helps the boat get up on plane in addition to protecting the bottom.  

      Work Skiff 18 draws very little water at 1100lbs, so AF4 Casa, being essentially the same boat but 9" wider and with the Payson style shoe added, should draw less at 1100lbs.  This is an important consideration for me because I'm anticipating a total crew weight (Me, wife, 4 year old, 2 year old, 70lb Chocolate Lab) of about 600lbs.  Jim specs AF4 Casa at 350lbs empty.  I will be doing the bow deck but not the seats, and will be adding the shoe-so let's say 400lbs empty.  So far crew and hull are 1000lbs.  I would guess that motor, safety gear, cooler, and other accouterments will cost us another 600lbs for a total load of 1600lbs.  I'd love for someone with more knowledge than I to take a look at these numbers and try to guesstimate what the boat will draw with that kind of a load.  Anyone care to venture a guess?

      One final thing to consider in this estimation is the fact that Work Skiff 18 is designed as a heavy duty work boat for lobstermen, etc...  It's built entirely from 1/2" plywood and 2x6s.  The transom is three layers of 1/2" plywood and is rated for 40HP max.  AF4 Casa is considerably lighter with 1/4" side planking and a 1/2" bottom (I may end up going 5/8" on the bottom though).  No weight is given on Work Skiff 18, but just estimating the weight of the materials (14 sheets of 1/2" plywood and 60' of 2x6) I came up with 750lbs not counting the 5 gallons of resin and 13 yards of 50" 10oz cloth the design calls for.  I'd appreciate any guidance on this.