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29349Re: Steve's Mayfly 14 Build

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  • scast101
    Jul 16, 2014
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      The mast has been re-glued, fitted to the boat and seems solid. The sail has been fitted and all the rigging hardware has been installed. The sail sets up nicely - I wish I had grabbed a picture.

      On Monday, I brought both a notarized letter describing the boat’s construction and a pile of receipts to the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission, which directed me to the New Jersey State Police. Apparently, the NJMVC won’t issue a hull number unless the NJ State Police inspect the vessel and agree that it indeed a home-built boat.

      Yesterday, I towed the boat to the State Police Marine Station on Lake Hopatcong. The aged trailer actually worked pretty well. Once there, the officers agreed that it is in fact a boat suited for New Jersey waters and issued the necessary papers. An hour and $72 later, the MVC issued a hull number, title and registration.

      We’re ready to launch as soon as I paint the registration numbers on the boat.

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