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Re: [micbuilders] Re: Nady

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  • g faulkner
    Eric: Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I have been afraid of attempting a mic build from scratch, and your suggestions are sensible and appreciated. I ll
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 29 9:52 AM
      Eric: Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I have been
      afraid of attempting a mic build from scratch, and
      your suggestions are sensible and appreciated.

      I'll check the mic out when it arrives and follow your

      Thanks to everyone else who chimed in as well. This
      $40 price point has hit my target for inner mic
      exploration without too much fear. -G

      --- Eric Benjamin <ebenj@...> wrote:

      > George,
      > I have a different viewpoint on this. First of all,
      > you're right. For
      > $40 you get an attractive case, a large diaphragm
      > microphone capsule,
      > some electronics, and an XLR. In other words, a
      > complete microphone.
      > It would cost me more than $40 just to make a case
      > like that and it
      > wouldn't be as pretty as theirs. I've considered
      > buying a microphone
      > like this just to get the case. As for the
      > electronics, I haven't seen
      > the inside of one of these (SCM900). They all have
      > FETs (or tubes) as
      > buffers for the capsule, but the question is what
      > comes after that;
      > whether it has a transformer output or not. Good
      > transformers are
      > quite expensive because the core materials that are
      > used are
      > expensive. But transistors are much less expensive
      > than transformers,
      > so recent Chinese microphones that I have seen are
      > transformerless.
      > So here's the viewpoint. Buy the microphone and try
      > it out. Listen to
      > it carefully. Compare it to your buddy's $1000
      > Neumann or AKG
      > microphone. How does the $40 Nady fall short?
      > DPA (Danish Pro Audio) have some hints on "How to
      > test the performance
      > of a microphone" on their web site. I can't give a
      > URL because they
      > use frames, but just go to their site and search for
      > the title. It's
      > all very much common sense, and the things that are
      > important to you
      > may be different than the things that are important
      > to me.
      > Once you know what you want to fix about the
      > microphone, you can go
      > about trying to engineer a solution. If you get
      > inside the microphone
      > you might consider taking some pictures. That would
      > be of help. It
      > may well be that the limiting performance factor in
      > this microphone is
      > the capsule, especially if you care about the
      > off-axis performance.
      > That would require either a capsule replacment or
      > some acoustic
      > reworking of the existing capsule. That is
      > something that has not been
      > discussed very much by this group.
      > Eric
      > --- In micbuilders@yahoogroups.com, g faulkner
      > <george_faulkner@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > Dumb question, but I gotta believe that the $39.99
      > > Nady chinese condenser mic -- SCM900 -- that MF
      > is
      > > blowing out right now is worth the price just for
      > the
      > > parts alone. Anyone familiar with the mic? Any
      > > suggestions on a simple project I could do to mod
      > one
      > > of these? (It would be my first mod job) Thanks,
      > G

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