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  • bbudzyn
    From: Gerry Zonca To: Bob Budzynski Subject: REVISED Website announcement -- forward to mailing list Date: Tuesday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2002
      From: "Gerry Zonca" <gerryz@...>
      To: "Bob Budzynski" <bbudzyn@...>
      Subject: REVISED Website announcement -- forward to mailing list
      Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 3:17 PM


      The Michigan Swing Dance Championships is pleased to announce the
      official launch of two new dance websites: The Michigan Dance Classic
      and the Mid-USA Jack & Jill Championships.

      These websites offer the following:
      a.. Profiles of each event
      b.. Lists of featured National Dancers
      c.. Color Photos from each event
      d.. Hotel and Facilities information
      e.. Ticket information
      f.. Competitor information
      g.. Printable PDF Event Flyers
      h.. Competition and Workshop Schedules
      i.. Video clips of top dance performances
      j.. Swing music tracks
      k.. FLASH animation
      and there will be plenty more to see in the coming months. So check
      it out, order a ticket to ensure the best seating and get ready for
      some great dancing!

      Michigan Swing has also joined the USA Swing Net, which links our
      event to other major Swing Dance websites in other cities that were
      designed by our partner, Interactive Media Services. These include
      the two most prestigious Swing dance events -- the US OPEN and the
      USA Grand Nationals -- so be sure to click the yellow banner in the
      left-hand column to see the "Wider World of Swing." There's lots of
      great Swing events to attend all around the country!

      The Michigan Dance Classic will be held on July 4th weekend in
      Dearborn, Michigan. The Mid-USA Jack & Jill precedes that on March
      22nd in Flint, Michigan. Banners linking each event to the other can
      be found on the Home Pages of each site.

      Both events have been enhanced with new top instructors, new staging,
      expanded promotion, and more prize money so we hope you'll make a
      special effort to attend each of them. We guarantee great
      competition performances, great social dancing, great food, and great
      Swing dance friends.

      Click here to be directly connected to our new websites:
      www.michiganswing.com .
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