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61Sunday Dance July, 8, 2001

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  • bbudzyn@home.com
    Jul 4, 2001
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      Don't forget about our dance on Sunday. Lesson at 3:00 and Dance at
      4:00 We're going to have two exhibitions by students who are entering
      the Michigan Dance Classic novice division. Steve and Robin Plawinski
      and Benny and Lynette Hitchock will be trying out their routines for
      the first time. Please come and give them your utmost support.

      Dances are usually slower in the summer months but lets break the
      norm and come out in droves. We need your support to ensure that we
      continue our dances at Walli's.

      Shirts and Jackets will be on sale as we head toward the fall. You'll
      want to be sure to have yours, especially if you're going to Columbus
      or the Michigan Dance Classic. They always have shirt and jacket
      night on the first night of the dance. We need to proudly wear ours
      as we feel it's the best logo in the U.S.

      We're running out of the "Swingin' The Blues" CD's so if you don't
      have your copies, try to get them soon. When they're gone they're
      absolutely gone. No new ones are being produced. The same goes
      for "Got Swing" and the west coast CD with "Wade in the Water" on it.

      See you Sunday,

      Bob & Beverly Budzynski