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  • bbudzyn@tir.com
    Apr 11, 2001
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      Hello Dancers,

      We will be offering a seven week session of swing classes starting
      April 25 at Carmen Park Elem in Flint, MI and starting April 26
      at the Perry Center in Grand Blanc, MI.

      Students from the last session may register for a continuing class
      at the same time as their last lesson. For example,if you were in
      the six o'clock class, ask for that time slot.

      New students may enroll in:

      6:00 Beginner east coast swing and Intro to West Coast Swing
      7:00 West Coast Swing continued

      For fees and registration, please call 591-3600 for Carmen Schools
      and 591-6088 for Grand Blanc Schools.

      We hope to welcome back all our old students and greet some new ones.

      Your dancing friends,

      Bob and Beverly Budzynski
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