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31Michigan Dance Classic, Aug 18-20 - Results

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  • B. Budzynski
    Aug 24, 2000
      The best in the midwest gathered at the Soaring Eagle Hotel and
      Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI for the 9th Annual Michigan Dance Classic
      held August 18-20, 2000.

      A sold out crowd watched swing and hustle dancers compete for over
      $5,000.00 in cash, trophies and jackets.

      The event was hosted by Bob and Beverly Budzynski. Our next
      competition will be the Mid-United States Jack and Jill to be held
      March 10-11, 2001. More info later.

      The winners were:

      Open Classic

      1 Matt Auclair, Sherry Lawson-Valvero
      2 Tim Auclair, Belinda Lambrecht
      3 Jimmy Mulligan, Tera Gehrking
      4 Steve Reynolds, Joann Podleski

      World's Fast Dance Championshipship

      1 Matt Auclair, Paulette Brockington
      2 Gilbert Rodriques, Amanda Warren
      3 Joe Vieth, Alicia Miller


      1 Alyssa Warren
      2 Steve and Kendra Reynolds
      3 Fred and Tina Price
      4 Josh Sassanella

      Strictly Swing

      1 Tim Auclair, Tera Gehrking
      2 Matt Auclair, Crystal Lambert
      3 Barry Douglas, Dawn Johnston
      4 Jimmy Mulligan, Tina Price
      5 James Adair, Amanda Warren

      Amateur Swing

      1 Al Simmering, Janice Mantia
      2 John Maxson, Heather Lapinsky
      3 Michael Bachman, Eunice Fritz
      4 Peter DiSalvo, Rebecca David

      Open Hustle

      1 Fred and Tina Price
      2 Mike and Dawn Johnston