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296Our First Friday Dance

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  • bbudzyn
    Jan 2, 2008
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      Hi Dancers:

      Don't forget to attend our "First Friday Dance" this Friday Jan 4th.
      As usual, it starts at 7:00. Remember to bring your own drinks as none
      are available for sale. The address is 2321 Corunna Rd. Flint Mi. It's
      just past Zimmermann School off Downey St. Turn S. on Downey St. and
      make an immediate left into the parking lot. Enter from the back of
      the bulding.

      This is our first adventure to a different night and your attendance
      will determine if it something we want to persue on a regular basis.
      Naturally, if you attend, the Friday dances will continue.

      For us, it's an opportunity to ensure that we can supply you with at
      least, one dance a month as one or two of our Friday or Saturday
      dances will occur on the same night as a large swing dance event that
      we plan to attend in 2008. Moreover, it's a great opportunity for you
      to have an extra night out to work on your cool new dance moves!
      So.....join us this Friday and dance off those Chips, Desserts, Mashed
      Potatoes etc. from the holidays.

      Bob & Beverly