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294Chicago Classic

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  • bbudzyn
    Dec 13, 2007
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      Hi Dancers:

      The "New & Improved" Chicago Classic is back!! We are representatives
      of the Classic and as such, we have tickets. If you would like to sit
      with our group, please order your tickets from us. the Tickets are $99

      The Classic is March 14-16, 2008 with many events to see, and plenty
      of social dancing available along with workshops done by some of the
      big stars of swing.

      Benji Schwimmer, along with Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman as well
      as stars of the movie "Love n' Dancing" Ronnie DeBenedeta & Brandi
      Tobias will be doing workshops. There will be lots of fun divisions
      for dancers of all levels.

      This event is also a "Masters Tour" event so, for sure, you won't want
      to miss the excitement.

      Join us by ordering your ticket today! Please send your check or money
      order to us at:

      Robert & Beverly Budzynski
      6170 Saddle Creek Court
      Grand Blanc MI 48439

      FMI call 810-694-7625 or email bbudzyn@...

      P.S. This price is for early orders only. Purchasing your ticket too
      late will result in a larger ticket price