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265Dance Floor

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  • bbudzyn
    Jul 5, 2006
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      Hi Dancers:
      Well, we're getting ready to move to a new location and have need to
      sell all of our dance floor both new and used. The floor is made of a
      plastic laminate and is nearly indestructible. The pieces clip
      together so after being assembled, you don't have to worry about the
      floor coming apart and no tools or screws are needed to put it
      together. You can make nearly any size floor you need with this as
      each piece is either ten" square (for the new) or 12" for the used.
      Soooo, if you want a practice floor for your home, I have it.
      Originally, the floor was $5.00 per square but I purchased all that
      was left of the grey color from the manufacturing company and was
      selling it for $3.50 per square. This floor is very light weight and
      needs nearly no effort to keep it danceable. Because we need to sell
      it all, I am offering the floor at 90 cents per square for as long as
      it lasts. Call me at 810-694-7625. First come, first served. You must
      pick it up as I cannot deliver. By the way, I have been using it to
      teach on at my home for over ten years with no signs of wear.

      Bob Budzynski