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237Michigan Classic Tickets for only $50.00 - MSSHD Members ONLY

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  • bbudzyn
    May 26, 2005
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      We have arranged to sell our dance floor to Phil Dorroll, Director
      of the Michigan Classic in exchange for a very special block of
      tickets. They will be gold seats at $105.00 each but will sold to
      MSSHD members for only $50.00 each. This is an incredible
      opportunity for our club members. Tickets will be sold on a first
      come, first serve basis. Phone calls do not count. Promises do not
      count. Money counts! We have a limited amount of tickets for $50.00
      each and if you want one, you must send us a check made out to MSSHD
      for $50.00 and send it to our P.O. Box # 263, Grand Blanc MI 48439

      We are very excited to offer club members this opportunity and we're
      sure we will fill this limited seating arrangement fast. If you have
      friends who want to go with you, they can join the club and then
      order tickets. Again, we cannot hold or reserve tickets. We must
      have your check or cash ASAP.

      If you have a flyer, fill out the registration form and send it
      along with your check. If you are going to compete, your regular
      competition fees apply and must be added to your check. Likewise for
      any workshops or videos. Flyers may be obtained at
      www.michiganclassic.com. Entry information is also available at the