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214Children's Fundraiser, (9/11/04)

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  • bbudzyn
    Sep 9, 2004
      Hello Dancers,

      I'm sorry but my first note on this dance was incomplete and
      inaccurate. Below is the note directly from Terri Bauman who is
      coordinating this event.

      All profits going to the Sept. 11th Children's Fund
      Join us in Lake Orion at L.A. Dance 8pm - 2am
      Lessons & Open Dancing at 8pm
      Balboa Lessons 8 - 8:30 with Kelly Palmiter
      W.C.S. Lesson 8:30 - 9 with Bob & Bev B.
      Jack n Jill 10:30 - 10:45, $3 Entry Fee
      Anything Goes Competition (entry fee goes to Charity)
      Eric D. Dj's swing, Bob B. Dj's W.C.S. & Hustle
      Great Prizes for Raffle $1/1 ticket 6/$5 $$ to charity

      We will be selling snacks to raise money!!
      Look forward to $1 pop, juice, & water.
      Also: chips, cookies, candy bars, muffins, and ice

      Questions? terriswing@...
      Charity info - www.september11childrensfund.org
      2651 Lapeer Rd (North of the Palace) 248-393-1339