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161Dance Opportunities

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  • bbudzyn
    May 12, 2003
      Fox theatre tickets for "Blast" a Broadway type extravaganza for May
      13(Tues.) and 16 (Fri.) available free (a $45.00 ticket) by
      purchasing a platium ticket for $109.00 to the Michigan Dance
      Classic today. Call us at 810-694-7625.

      Buddy Schwimmer will be in town Thurs-Fri-Sat for workshops and
      private lessons. Thursday $25.00 inc. two workshops and dance.
      Fri. $20.00 inc. one workshop and dance. Sat. $50.00 inc. three
      workshops, snacks, beverages and a dance. You may also purchase the
      workshops and dances separately. 23666 Park in Dearborn. Call 313-
      724-3262 (Dancesport)for further information.

      Sat. May 17th at the Lafayette Grande in Pontiac is the place for
      Lindy and East Coast Swingers with some West Coast as well. It all
      starts at 9:00 p.m. We have two tables reserved so if you want to
      sit at our table, let us know soon. It features the big band of Paul
      King and the Rhythm Society Orchestra.