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Fwd: The Joule ringer Resonance and FerroMagnetics

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  • Arend Lammertink
    Very obvious similarities to Meyers epg. IIRC, Stan mentioned in the patent that abnormal high voltages could be obtained with the epg.... Arend. ... Van:
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      Very obvious similarities to Meyers epg. IIRC, Stan mentioned in the patent that abnormal high voltages could be obtained with the epg....


      ---------- Doorgestuurd bericht ----------
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      Datum: 19 feb. 2012 15:04
      Onderwerp: The Joule ringer Resonance and FerroMagnetics
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      Hoi hoi,



      You are brilliant.

      I assume when you say RINGING you mean that You are Resonating the Transformer.
      YES !

      This works because you are using a Ferromagntic Substance that amplifies the magnetic field of a coil by 1000's of times

      You are using Resonance.

      Two USEs (Unrecognized Sources of Energy)

      Because I don't have time right now, I am posting a portion of a previous post that explains this.
      3. The possible USEs that I am interested in involve these interesting phenomena...

          a. Magnetic Permeability... There is an internal magnetic moment that can be utilized in Ferromagnetic Materials.
               -A coil's magnetic field is amplified by orders of magnitude by the insertion of a Ferro Material. (ie... 100, 000 times)
                 * I'm sure you know this is the result of previously randomly oriented magnetic dipoles lining up with the weak field of the coil.

                    To comprehend how we tap into this energy, consider a speaker that can exchange magnets.
                    The more powerful the magnet, the more sound the speaker emits, yet from the same input.
           b. Resonance... The phenomenon that an object will store energy vibrationally,
                                     then interact with the surrounding enviroment
                                     at an amplitude of vibration consistent with the energy it is storing.

               - When an energy wave is modified to a larger amplitude (without loss of duration)... it is fair to say it has been amplified.
               - When an energy wave (without losing amplitude) is extended.. it is fair to say it has amplified.

               - Two tuning forks ringing louder AND longer than one... is a clear demonstration of sound energy being amplified.
                  If you prefer the Dictionary's definiton...
                  5. An Intensification and Prolongation of Sound, Especially of Musical Tone, produced by Sympathetic Vibration.

      4. When you combine 3a and 3b you get a Resonating Transformer. (I am not doing Ferro Resonance, just to be clear)

          a. When an audio transformer is resonated with a 1.5 V battery, you can light up a 3 V LED on the StepDown Side with ~ 4 V pulses !
              ---> this is only at 1 frequency ... Primary is 900 ohms, Secondary is 8 ohms...<---
          b. Same set up as above but.. the Primary will burn out LEDs with ~90 V pulses.
          c. Because it only happens at 1 frequency, it fair to say that the Energy Output of a Resonating Transformer is Non-Linear.

      5. A Joule Thief traditionally uses the crashing magnetic field in a blocking oscillator to create a large voltage pulse.
          a. The Higher the Magnetic Permeability of the Core, the Higher the Internal Mag Field (that crashes), the More Impressive the Output (see 3a)
          b. Extraordinary Feats like lighting a 13 W CFL light bulb for the better part of a day with a SINGLE 1.5 V battery can be done.
              - There are 3 ways to do this that I have seen.
                 (1) Use a large High Perm Core (torroid) with lots of turns.
                 (2) Use a modified Camera Flash Circuit. .
                 (3) Use the output of an Average Joule Thief to Resonate an Auto Ignition Coil. (my favorite !)

      Because I have taken alot of guff over the years about these statements (been making them for years),
                    I really really appreciate your experiment that shows Resonance and FerroMagnetics are very intersting indeed.

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