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something new related to the Mexistim

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  • jwdatwork
    Hola Folks! This came up in the news yesterday and it fascinated me! 09/02/10 - Insulated Babies Grow Faster (Apr, 1933) TO MAKE your baby grow faster,
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      Hola Folks!

      This came up in the news yesterday and it fascinated me!

      09/02/10 - Insulated Babies Grow Faster (Apr, 1933)

      TO MAKE your baby grow faster, insulate his crib against the electricity of floor, walls, ground. To slow down his growth, ground his crib with flexible bands of metal.

      This is the extraordinary conclusion reached by M. Vies, of Strasbourg, France, who conducted such experiments on two groups of three babies.

      The insulated set grew more rapidly than the grounded trio, presumably pointing to the fact that the electrification of soil and air has a real influence on human growth. - Full Article Source



      This is wide open for experiment with plants, adults sick people, etc...much like Eeman screens.


      Atmospheric electricity;


      ALTHOUGH no one can make a perpetual motion machine, anyone can tap the earth's electric field to run a homemade motor perpetually. The field exists in the atmosphere between the earth's surface and the ionosphere as an electric potential of about 360 000 volts. Estimates of the stored energy range from a million kilowatts to a billion kilowatts.

      The energy of the field can be tapped with a simple antenna in the form of a vertical wire that carries one sharp point or more at its upper end. During fair weather the antenna will pick up potential at the rate of about 100 volts for each meter of height between the points and the earth's surface up to a few hundred feet. At higher altitudes the rate decreases. During local thunderstorms the pickup can amount to thousands of volts per foot. A meteorological hypothesis is that the field is maintained largely by thunderstorms, which pump electrons out of the air and inject them into the earth through bolts of lightning that continuously strike the surface at an average rate of 200 strokes per second.

      Why not tap the field to supplement conventional energy resources ? Several limitations must first be overcome. For example, a single sharp point can draw electric current from the surrounding air at a rate of only about a millionth of an ampere. An antenna consisting of a single point at the top of a 60-foot wire could be expected to deliver about a microampere at 2 000 volts; the rate is equivalent to .002 watt. A point-studded balloon tethered by a wire at an altitude of 75 meters might be expected to deliver .075 watt. A serious limitation appears as the altitude of the antenna exceeds about 200 meters. The correspondingly higher voltages become difficult to confine.

      At an altitude of 200 meters the antenna should pick up some 20 000 volts. Air conducts reasonably well at that potential. Although nature provides effective magnetic materials in substances such as iron, nickel and cobalt, which explains why the electric-power industry developed around Faraday's magnetic dynamo, no comparably effective insulating substances exist for isolating the high voltages that would be required for electrostatic machines of comparable power.
      How often have you heard about people hugging trees or walking barefoot on grass as 'recharging' themselves?

      So if we ground ourselves and sap away the electric energy, we don't grow as fast according to the article.

      Now think of the Mexistim screen as an antenna, collecting and possibly re-radiating atmospheric electrostatic energy.

      Many years ago, when I was a teenager, you used to could buy little bundles of newsclippings and odd mixes of brochures, like at Rex Research. I had a packet that talked about using 'oscillating coils' to focus cosmic energy to cure plants and people of various illnesses including cancer, tumors, etc. and promote growth and health.

      The same thing Lakhovsky experimented with and which led to the electrostatic, MWO (multiple wavelength oscillator) where oscillating harmonic spaced rings would emit tens of thousands of frequencies but each as a spark...the body would absorb exactly what it needed for various purposes including healing and regeneration.

      It would be interesting to connect an oscilloscope to a Mexistim screen with and without power to see what if any frequencies were being picked up by it and of what power. I have tested many times with a voltmeter and can't detect any voltage or current flow between the body and a powered screen.

      AND YET, there are effects in some of us that are real and perceivable in our own health and lives.

      Looking into this...quite fascinating!
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