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Proof V in Washington Post

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  • Outlandish Band
    Hi everyone, Saturday s Proof Through the Night V benefit show at Staccato was a big success! We raised $1300 for the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      Saturday's Proof Through the Night V benefit show at
      Staccato was a big success! We raised $1300 for the
      Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund. The Washington Post did
      a really nice piece on the show in Monday's Style
      section ("Out and About", page C3. You can read it
      online at:


      The Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund helps pay
      postsecondary educational expenses for inner city
      Washingon students. It's a great organization that is
      making great things happen for young people who might
      not otherwise have an opportunity to fulfill their
      dreams, through fundraising, mentoring, and community
      involvement. More information is available at:


      The concert itself was a musical delight, with great
      performances all around. I (Scott) personally had an
      amazing time playing with several performers
      throughout the night, including J.P. McDermott, Joe
      Boris (Joe and I also played in-studio on WRNR
      Annapolis on Sunday night), Ubiquitone, and "The
      Front" (also known as Rich Bindell, Enrique Llanes,
      and Eduardo Llanes). And of course, the Outlandish
      jam was a blast... thanks to Andrew and Brett from
      Ubiquitone, Rich Bindell, Enrique and Eduardo Llanes,
      Mike Kozemchak, and especially my co-organizer of
      Proof V, Greg Roth. Once again, I encourage the
      performers from Saturday (full list with web links
      below) to stay in touch with each other; the talent in
      Arlington and DC never ceases to impress and inspire

      We'd also like to thank Skytwin Productions for
      sponsoring the show and helping out with the logistics
      of the evening, and also for corralling gift
      certificates from several great restaurants in
      Arlington (winners will be or have been notified).

      For those of you who couldn't attend the show but
      would still like to help, send a check to us at the
      address below, made payable to "Hoop Dreams
      Scholarship Fund" (please write "on behalf of Proof
      Through the Night" in the memo section). We will
      forward your check to them. Send your check to:

      Proof Through the Night
      ATTN: Scott Albert Johnson
      1601 Argonne Place NW, Suite 502
      Washington, DC 20009

      Our next show is on February 23 at Dr. Dremo's in
      Arlington... slate of performers TBA. You can keep up
      with what we have planned at our web site,
      http://www.proofthroughthenight.org/. Thanks for your
      support, and we hope to see you soon...
      Scott Albert Johnson and Greg Roth, PTTN


      -- Milan Seth
      -- Leah Morgan
      -- J.P. McDermott and Eric Shramek:
      -- Joe Boris: http://www.one-eyed-jack.com/
      -- West African Family (W.A.F.)
      -- Ubiquitone: http://www.ubiquitone.com/
      -- The Front: Rich Bindell
      (http://www.ciw.edu/lrn/sugarland/sugarland.html) and
      the Llanes Brothers (http://www.outerbodyllama.com/)
      -- Outlandish Late Night Jam: Scott Albert Johnson,
      Mike Kozemchak, Greg Roth, Rich Bindell, Enrique
      Llanes, Eduardo Llanes, Andrew Wright, Brett Naylor):

      James Main
      Lul Campbell
      Malcolm Campbell
      Adam Johnson

      Francine Friedman

      James O'Brien
      Doug Baj... and the entire staff!

      C2002 by Proof Through the Night. All rights

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      to info@... with "subscribe" in
      the subject field. To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to
      the same address with "unsubscribe" in the subject
      field. We send these updates occasionally (2-4 times
      per month) and send them "blind"... we will NEVER sell
      your e-mail address or personal information!!!

      Help honor victims of attacks on U.S. soil by supporting the "Proof Through the Night" benefit concert series... next show January 12 at Staccato. Information available at http://www.proofthroughthenight.org/

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