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further 1/3" c-mount lenses arrived

Folks, I got a dozen of brand-new but cheap 1/3" Panasonic 2.1mm f/1.0 lenses, beside the 9mm f/0.8 lenses that I still owe. So when you intend to setup a
Sirko Molau
Feb 10

new years sale

Folks, as in recent years, I can offer some bargain equipment for video meteor observers at the begin of year: * a bunch of brand-new 12 mm f/0.75 1/2"
Sirko Molau
Jan 5

MIL DLL error with grab.exe

Hello Sirko, my camera KLEMOI has now moved to the new location. Now I'm in the process of setting it up. The computer hasn't changed (WIN XP prof. SP3).
Bernd Klemt
Nov 28, 2014
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Metrec 5.2 W7

Hi Sirko, I have updated my systems successfully to Windows 7, and Metrec5.2 works fine on it. Unfortunately I have to go back to Windows XP, because like in
Carlos Saraiva
Nov 24, 2014

new metrec.shw file

Folks, while preparing the talk for the upcoming IMC I stumbled upon two inconsistencies in the metrec.shw file. Back in 2006 two new showers were detected and
Sirko Molau
Sep 8, 2014
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bugfix for MetRec 5.2

Folks, a few issues that occur in specific configurations have been fixed in August and upload to www.metrec.org now. Affected are metrec.exe, postproc.exe and
Sirko Molau
Sep 3, 2014

Re: AW: [MetRec] MetRec 5.2 available

Hi Sirko, Thanks for new metrec.exe, I downloaded it and tested and looks much better. Now 2 instances of metrec work fine on one computer. But I have noticed
Tomek Lewandowski
Aug 21, 2014

AW: [MetRec] MetRec 5.2 available

Hi Tomasz, Marius pointed already to the problem with multiple Matrox cards in one PC. I will upload the bugfix asap (the public wifi at the campground doesn't
Sirko Molau
Aug 21, 2014

Re: [MetRec] MetRec 5.2 available

In addition to my previous email: i use Windows XP SP3 on all my computers. Cheers, Tomasz
Tomek Lewandowski
Aug 21, 2014

Re: [MetRec] MetRec 5.2 available

Hi Sirko, Today i migrated from metrec 5.1 to metrec 5.2 and have some problems. My bolid station uses 4 cameras connected to 4 Matrox II MC cards. Setup
Tomek Lewandowski
Aug 21, 2014

Re: postproc.vmo

Folks, Ilkka complained ... so I replaced the postproc.vmo file with a stub version that contains only one example entry. The ZIP files still contain the
Sirko Molau
Aug 5, 2014

MetRec 5.2 available

Folks, two years after MetRec 5.1 was published I'm happy to announce that MetRec 5.2 is publicly available now. As usual, you can download it from the MetRec
Sirko Molau
Jul 29, 2014


Folks, in order to detect and recognize the Camelopardalids, please, add the following line to your metrec.shw file: CAM Camelopardalids 5/23 5/25 5/24
May 22, 2014

Re: problem with "TimeDriftCorrection"

Hi Bernd, I tested the function and found the problem: Contrary to DOS, Windows locks a file when it is executed, so the time stamp cannot be changed. It means
Apr 25, 2014

Re: problem with "TimeDriftCorrection"

Hi Maziek, no, TimeDriftCorrection is only if you have no external time sync (ntp, DCF or GPS receiver) but still want to correct for the known drift of your
Apr 16, 2014
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