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Gaia and earth wobble link from Art Bell

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  • pawnfart
    Chandler s Wobble Causes Earthquakes, Volcanism, El Nino, and Global Warming b by Michael Wells Mandeville ...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2002
      <a href="http://www.artbell.com/wells.html">Chandler's Wobble Causes
      Volcanism, El Nino, and Global Warming</a>

      b by Michael Wells Mandeville

      ><tt>These eight graphs directly correlate and demonstrate that most
      major tectonic activity, including earthquakes, volcanism, El Nino,
      and global warming phenomenon are caused by the changing location of
      the poles as the Earth wobbles back and forth slightly in what is
      called Chandler's Wobble. The name for these correlations is called
      vortex tectonics. </tt>

      ><TT> The exact location of the North and South Poles of the Earth's
      spin axis are constantly changing while the Earth's crust wobbles
      slightly around and over the poles in the 14 month and 6.5 year
      cycles of Chandler's Wobble. The eigth graphs in this story board
      demonstrate that peaks of seismic and volcanic activity come and go
      in accordance with these rhythms of Chandler's Wobble to produce the
      El Nino syndrome. The graphs also prove that the total amount of this
      activity has progressively increased during the last 50 year while
      the center of Chandler's Wobble has slowly drifted towards the Great
      Lakes. It is highly likely that this increase in global volcanism is
      the cause of global warming.</tt>

      b Comment:

      Well, I disagree with the last sentence, but some of the findings
      help explain and difine the choatic stimulas that Gaia must modulate
      and how some of the feedbacks are so beautiful.

      i 1. The Anomalous Forty+ Year Acceleration of Earthquake & Volcanic

      This is consistant with a greater hydrological cycle. With
      deforestation, higher CO2 and river changes, this shouldn't be a
      surprise. As hydrates melt, since they have less density than water,
      strata become relatively heavier and you have a tube of toothpaste
      impact--forcing the plastic materials of plate tectonics into siesmic

      i 2. The Amazing Correlations Of The Position and Motions Of The Pole
      With Volcanic and Earthquake Activity.

      The orbital changes also will change magnetic field and wind and
      current orientations, along with siesmic patterns. That means that
      Gaia's feedbacks will be facing a different set of stimulas with
      which it must feedback. One of the interesting features of hydrate
      fields is that they are not only electrically insulating but
      thermally as well. By keeping thermal variance away from hydrate
      fields, they are more stable. Notwithstanding this, the warming of
      waters and currents near a hydrate field is going to cause it to melt
      or not to form so well, and that will decrease the insulation near an
      area of activity. Rain will not be feed back to an area where this
      is occurring and hydrology will be altered, and Gaia hydrate patterns
      may redevelope where the current problems are not so bad. What this
      has to do with where hydrates are located or whether there is a super
      contenant or sea floor spreading in the mid Atlantic or Pacific, I
      don't know, but biology has a way of solving problems that we don't
      even know exist!

      i 3. The Revolutionary X Wave Correlation With El Nino

      This is one that must be explained well in context of Gaia. No way
      are the siesmic energies of volcanic activity making their way to the
      ocean surfaces. OTOH, there are two things that could be occurring
      that make some sense. This is hard to follow unless you have been
      reading my stuff for awhile, so read well.

      First, volcanic activity is going to increase the amount of SOx
      emissions. This in turn drops the phase change temperatures of
      cirrus clouds, and that meas less electrical enhancement of clouds.
      The earth cools. Now, cooling oceans counter intuitively mean that
      the Southern Ocean is less conductive, and so it inducts AGAINST
      cirrus less well. As the southern ocean gyres into the South Pacific
      timed for when the SOx emissions become less effective, it results in
      warm anomalies going to the coast of Peru. Further, as the Pacific
      gyres themselves are colder at the tropics from the cirrus being less
      produced, as these colder ocean temperatures reach the Western
      Pacific, they are less conductive and it means that in the subtropics
      as the gyres and winds/currents start moving west to east, toward,
      say, Seattle and California, these waters will have less induction
      working agaist them, and SSTs warm to the tops of the gyres. That
      means that as these gyres move around further, they bring warm
      anomalies to the coast of Peru that helps define El Nino.

      Second, with a similar impact, ocean volcanic activity is going to
      reduce ocean hydrates and the electrically insulating impact of
      them. The hydrology slows, and the earth cools. As it cools, the
      same deal with the Western Pacific occurs.
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