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John Daly and Dr. Theodor Landscheidt CTAs

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  • pawnfart
    http://www.john-daly.com/elnino It s pretty funny w/ SSTs same as last year at this time. But last year at this time there was also a state sized berg breaking
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2002

      It's pretty funny w/ SSTs same as last year at this time. But last
      year at this time there was also a state sized berg breaking off into
      the Southern Oceans and this ended any chance of El Nino. Landscheidt
      himself has predicated El Nino with SST warmings in the Southern
      Oceans--which are not there right now because of the bergs breaking
      off, particularly the one south of New Zealand you can still see from
      the SST anomaly charts:


      While there check out SSTs in the Southern Oceans for this time of
      year in 1997. Big diff. And why this is a BLOWN call for 9/02. It
      actually helps prove warming because the correlation is solid as
      related to the electrical mechanims and cirrus, but the melting ice
      makes it go the other way.

      Anyway, Daly haunts another bb I post at to see the latest Gaia news--
      not really to debate with a conservative warmer there (meaning relies
      on peer reviewed studies only), as right as he is. Believe it or not--
      but yours truly is cutting edge. Must scare the Jesus out of this
      athiest. Notice how, as big an anti-Christ as Daly is, he wouldn't
      dare touch my methanogen/salt loving archeabactria comment. No no.
      Got to be some scary stuff to see you were a cynic and not a skeptic,
      because the morality of it just went to hell.

      Daly KNOWS that this call is blown so they are calling in their chips
      early. Yes, the sun is part of Gaia as we have see well here with the
      correlations manefested, but electrically the warmer the
      oceans the more induction from below from the oceans happen when
      flaring does not enhance the cirrus. That is because the warmer the
      salt water, the better it conducts a current. With cold oceans, only
      flaring enhances cirrus.

      Again, during the last Milankovitch warming (12,500 to 7,500) there
      was no El Ninos, which indicates that the warming from CO2 into Gaia
      is causing so much electrical enhancement that it matches the
      increased induction from the changed insolation wind patterns that
      marked that period-on top of what energies were involved with the
      insolation. The El Ninos didn't occur because there was so much
      melting of glacial ice--just like we are seeing with B-22 or the
      state sized berg south of New Zealand. Yep--it's more electrical with
      biological modulation.

      Daly has refused to engage me here except last spring when he said he
      didn't understand what I was saying. Now he just calls it Gaia but
      doesn't engage, but he goes at conservative warmer abandon and mostly
      sounds like a cynic. My thinking--butt clinching fear of being wrong
      is why he is avoiding me. Well, my ideas are not well known--yet.
      But this club/group may become the hottest on the net, because truth
      has a way of biting liars in the ass.

      Like a blown El Nino call.
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