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A primer in the Electric Universe theory or "Plasma 101"

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  • pawnfart
    I think I get the bulk of it. I had a year of military electronics and even some electrical engineering
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002

      I think I get the bulk of it. I had a year of military electronics
      and even some electrical engineering courses but decided against this
      career path, so I understand quite well what is being said. I would
      disagree about the implications to biological systems (see below). I
      can see how there could be a change in the gravitational field. I
      suspect, however, that these changes are probably very slow in
      occurring and are observable only over long timescales. Therefore,
      the problem of the extinction event of an astroid and the size of
      creatures may be two different problems that the dinos did or would
      have faced. OTOH, if the events are connected, that connection of 60
      million years ago BP astroid striking and a change in gravity could
      be a change in the character of the solar systems electrical
      character, that allowed the collision to take place in the first

      Now. On the biology. One of the things here I have written is that it
      was my view that there are chaotic stimulas to climate that the
      methanogens have evolved to modulate that we aren't even aware. What
      you have linked here is yet another chaotic feature--the electrical
      nature of the orbital stability of the earth. Hence, a modulation of
      the earth's electrical field is going to have an impact on its orbit
      as well . . .


      I have been doing some research on honey bees, because I am looking
      for a new hobby aside from writing and researching on climate. Turns
      out the latest research on bees is that they have an ability to sense
      electro-magnetic fields. There are iron deposits in their body's
      fatty tissues with nerve connections. Purpose of this?

      Well, it is my view that moisture sensing and vision is not enough
      for the bees to use for behavior checks related to climate, whether
      to stay in their hives and work the honey, comb or brood or go
      outside and gather nector. Since fair weather causes a positive
      charge of 250 volts per meter and foul weather causes convection base
      negitive charges to ground, the bees could remain in their hives
      until they sense strong positive voltages in their recieptors. Hence,
      they would have a strong biological advantage over other bees that
      had to constantly "test" the weather outside to see if it was worthy
      of nector gathering--probably to the death of them if it was cold or
      rainy enough. This mechanism would allow the sensing of weather
      changes and fronts, too.
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