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That story is very scary as a press release in this context

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  • pawnfart
    It looks like a coverup . I am talking about this link. See the NOAA in the link? That means National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002
      It looks like a "coverup".

      I am talking about this link. See the NOAA in the link? That means
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:


      This branch of the executive has all kinds of sats and these sats
      take readings of sea surface temperatures and compare them to an
      older data set. The sats have been doing this since 96. What I am
      saying is that I have visited this page almost every day for four
      years to make some of my predictions, including calling Michelle and
      Allison in April AND making ENSO calls. Well, NOAA PUBLICALLY made an
      ENSO call but since that time, according to Daly's site, there have
      been La Nina winds. And they HAVEN'T UPDATED THE SST AMOMALIES FOR
      THE FIRST TIME IN 4 YEARS. Get it?

      This follows the warmest winter in recorded history . . . ever! They
      can't blame it on an El Nino because it ISN'T. Interestingly, it may
      have been an El Nino, IMHO, if the oceans weren't so warm as to melt
      a state sized ice berg in the Southern Oceans, just south of N.Z.
      This is causing cold anomalies in the Southern Ocean and changes
      electrical and wind patterns that prevent an El Nino, even if flaring
      and biological conditions would be favorable for one.

      Again, during warming from Milankovtich insOlation warming from
      12,500 to 7,000 years ago when there was also glacial melting, as the
      ice went from covering 1/3 of the earth to 10%, there is no sign of
      El Nino in Equadorian lake bed studies. That is consistant with what
      that state sized berg is doing in the Southern Oceans. There is
      warming and no El Nino. This must drive the corporative state oil
      whoring executive nuts.



      This link verifies that climate is modulated regionally by hydrate
      fields and especially in the context of a less lumenous sun, larger
      depressurization swings from a moon closer in orbit to earth, and
      higher CO2 as part of the methanogens metabolism pathway and as part
      of the carbonic acid in rain of the weathering process. In this
      context it was more important to be in favorable Gaia conditions then
      have high solor insOlation. The dogma in the climate community,
      particularly those pushing for an extreme form of Milankovitch, are
      going to have headaches with this research.
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