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Re: Solar activity ..crazy stuff .......

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    [first words with a ^ after it means NOT misspelled but a word that i gave it my own meaning] i know i really don t belong is this type of club, as my
    Message 1 of 702 , Sep 6, 2001
      [first words with a "^" after it means NOT
      misspelled but a word that i gave it my own meaning] <br>i
      know i really don't belong is this type of club, as my
      physics knowledge stinks , but as i discovered a new form
      of energy[not new just not "viewable" via pure
      physics , if i can throw in my 2Cents as to solar
      activity , just as a clue believe it or leave it please
      remember that via photons /inner sieves of atoms/atums are
      the actual "controls" of what solar activities will
      be translated toward. As an example just cause it's
      a solar max does NOT mean the activity will be
      translated on the physically plane as some type of maximum
      effect , in other words these solar outputs act as
      nand/nor/and/or/[etc] GATES [i nicknamed then "LIGHT GATES^" in 1973
      sadly IBM now uses this name for a new computer] thus a
      solar max cam be translated to show up as a physically
      MINIMUM effect i.e, a drought in other words solar maxs
      guarantee ONLY one thing that an extreme will happen but
      what modern science knows not of, is what type. Are my
      theories crazy well all i know is when i sent twch[GA] my
      tropical season predictions on the Octobers prior to the
      year i was predicting i was @99% correct in my
      predictions[1990-1995/6] incl my prediction of 19.5 to 21.5 Tropical
      Storms sent OCT 1994 to predict 1995 TS season, also
      sent twch the El Nino[last one] 2 yrs before it
      occurred but being a real housekeeper [actual GoodWill
      Hunter -long story short gave a scriptwriter tm story
      saw the scriptwriter in the Oscar awards thus am
      pretty sure the pgs i gave him@ 22west 34th st
      NYC-Holistic center became the bases for the movie] See i use
      what NASA discovered oh about 4 yrs ago as they call
      "green light" plants use a form of these "energies" any
      way i figured out a way to measure the photons
      inter/intreaction^ via angles thus one can give/represent these
      inter/intreaction^ with 8 colours[i call 7+1/2, 1/2] and find how
      our sun/star has what i call a GALACSIC^ CYCLE of
      32.76 earth yrs and to not waste your members time
      these yrs i divide into 4 segments ~8ys now each yr =
      one of the 8 colours[ i use R O Y G B I V + H/He
      latter 2 are ascending. descending energies appear as
      goldish and "mirror^/windows^"-my words,,so don't try to
      look up their meanings. CLUE: check out mag readouts
      east /ENE of La Palgera.PR and ~ Mariana trench
      towards the East CLUE:P output . [ sent twch a 100+ word
      glossary in 1990 of my words one and ONLY time,if they
      kept it who knows ] as these photons inter/intreact^
      with this complex^ planets own output this triggers
      energies that HAVE TO BE OUTPUTTED via physics of course
      thus create the "FLOW" of physics we see i.e.
      temputure balances via water/air flow etc.....ah it is i am
      sure this is all all mummble jummble as it's if i were
      trying to explain bacteria to people in the 1400s.
      peace. Clue divide any spinning entity into 4 parts 2
      physical as if engines thus heat/lihjt related and 2 via
      mag related .......ah stopping cause as i read what i
      write being its only pieces of 16,000pgs i was offering
      of my pgs to people in science related medias till
      1996, it very hard to explain in so few words maybe
      some of the crazy stuff above just might trigger a
      thought and help others discover this energy, MIT is
      close with their plasma/mag experiments, when i figured
      it out i called them turquoise tubes, apologies if
      you feel i wasted club space erase if you wish,am
      creating my own sites around the world sadly ABOUT.com's
      sci pgs thought i'm too contriversal so maybe @TRIPOD
      i'll create a site good luck as to your
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      On Feb 28th, the Interplanetary Magnetic Field swung to a strong south-pointing orientation. That, coupled with an elevated solar wind speed and density,
      Message 702 of 702 , Mar 1, 2002
        On Feb 28th, the Interplanetary Magnetic Field
        swung to a strong south-pointing orientation. That,
        coupled with an elevated solar wind speed and density,
        triggered a G-1 class geomagnetic storm. The result was
        some high latitude aurora. See this link for a
        photgraph of aurora observed over Quebec :
        <a href=http://www.spaceweather.com/aurora/images/01mar02/Moussette2.jpg target=new>http://www.spaceweather.com/aurora/images/01mar02/Moussette2.jpg</a> . As of right now, there are 3 sunspot regions,
        namely 9839, 9842, and 9845, that appear to be capable
        of producing M-class flares. Regions 9839 and 9842
        are close to rotating out of view over the western
        limb of the solar disk. Sunspot region 9845, however,
        is close to the sun's central meridian. A rather
        large coronal hole is also approaching the sun's
        central meridian, and coming into an Earth-pointing
        position. High speed colar wind gusts are likely around the
        first of next week.<br><br>The current solar and
        geomagnetic conditions are :<br><br>NOAA sunspot number :
        153<br>SFI : 188<br>A index : 10<br>K index : 1<br><br>Solar
        wind speed : 372.3 km/sec<br>Solar wind density : 4.4
        protons/cc<br>Solar wind pressure : 1.1 nPa<br><br>IMF : 8.4
        nT<br>IMF Orientation : 0.7 nT North<br><br>Conditions for
        the last 24 hours : <br>Solar activity was low. The
        geomagnetic field was quiet to unsettled. Stratwarm Alert
        exists Friday.<br><br>Forecast for the next 24 hours
        :<br>Solar activity will be low to moderate. The geomagnetic
        field will be quiet to unsettled.<br><br>Solar Activity
        Forecast :<br>Solar activity is expected to be low to
        moderate for the next three days. Region 9845 is a
        possible source for isolated M-class
        flares.<br><br>Geomagnetic activity forecast :<br>Geomagnetic field activity
        is expected to be mainly quiet to unsettled, until
        the onset of high speed stream effects from a
        recurrent coronal hole begin to develop by day three of the
        forecast period. Isolated active conditions are
        anticipated thereafter.<br><br>Recent significant solar flare
        activity :<br>None
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