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Jan 2 strike event

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  • Mike Doran
    The strike event followed the solar wind actually decreased but also after a solar wind event preceeded it as described here by Dave on Dec 28 on this yahoo
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2006
      The strike event followed the solar wind actually decreased but also
      after a solar wind event preceeded it as described here by Dave on
      Dec 28 on this yahoo group. Then there is Zeta connected with that
      solar event.

      There is the location of the peak of the strikes--essentially
      connected with the path of Katrina.

      A number of things interesting about this event.

      Zeta intensified on Jan 3 despite computer models.

      On Jan 2 the rain train --the grapefruit express--died. We had fair
      weather for the first time in like three weeks.

      Today following few strikes it rained ALL day and the rain train is
      in place again--all the way to Hawaiian Islands. So that's why it
      has rained all day and will rain for the next WEEK! And why the only
      day of fair weather in almost a month was associated with huge strike
      levels in the CONUS. Also the huge strike levels of January 2nd
      appear in conjunction with the strikes in South America to have
      created a tropical looking entity in the EPAC:


      These kinds of strike levels so close to us from the CONUS without
      question will change the character of the rains here on the left
      coast as it creates a Pacific High. Researchers doing the human
      genome project, such as my brother who did work on heart and lung
      genetics, use a process called electrophoresis. Researchers put
      nucleotides in gel and then essentially a battery is attached to the
      ends of the gel. This puts a positive voltage on one end and a
      negative voltage on the other. This is a DC field.

      The nucleotides migrate in the gel by their size, mass, shape and
      charge. The banding you get from set exposures to voltages is the
      stuff of characterizing the genome.

      Likewise, when there is a DC field on a cloud, the manner how a super
      cooled droplet freezes varies because of the electrical field. That's
      because ions inside the droplet migrate . . . and change the
      morphology of the droplet and how additional water vapor molecules
      will attached to the droplet. We get into cloud microphysics here--
      but from small to large there is something important happening
      relative to other droplets . . . if water phase changes relatively
      well then that air will have the heat energy from that phase change
      and that air will become heated and then lighter than the surrounding
      air and it will begin to rise. As it rises, it causes a vacuum
      underneath it--and a low pressure forms.

      OTOH, if the air does not support phase changing due to its
      microphysics properties, it will start to relatively fall and subsist
      and high pressure will form underneath those 'droplets'. So, as I
      watched an episode of 'Survivor' (sort of--the step kids were
      watching it) I thought to myself that the message of social darwinism
      is survival to the point that this message is part of our
      entertainment, but in reality there is a dualism of the symbiotic
      meaning of all life, how it is connected toward a purpose of
      collective survival. This is not a message that the fascists want
      scientists to talk to loudly about. So Survivor is allowed prime
      time . . .

      Anyway, the strikes in the summer keep most of the left coast rain
      free. But in the winter, there are few big strike events like Jan
      2nd's, and storms on the left coast are powered from strikes in South
      America with little chance of the Pacific high deflecting them. But
      interestingly, after the heavy strikes Jan 2nd, it stopped raining. I
      actually got outside January 2nd and raked some leaves. I even got
      some sun.

      The original purpose of nucleotides was the calculated sorting in
      clouds to maintain a living earth. So life as a whole predates life
      of the individual organism. Modernly the nucleotides are not sorted
      by their size, shape, mass or charge in cloud droplets, because the
      oceans are too saline for such nucleotides to have a significant
      forcing against the clouds. Part of that is as life became more
      complex life became cellular and in containing chemistries could
      modulate conductivities better.

      There are numerous living evidence that this is true. Take a virus,
      for instance, which is much closer to the original nucleotides which
      could migrate by their size, shape, mass or charge in a super cooling
      cloud droplet (a cell will not so migrate). Notice how there is
      a 'season' for a virus--a cold season? And how the body deals with it
      by rising its temperature? This gets back to design--what a virus
      was. The blur of how a virus has no 'metabolism'--but indeed early
      nucleotide complex metabolism was the CO2 bubbles in the oceans from
      surface lows that lifted them to the surface where the winds would
      wisk them to become cloud droplets.
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