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Climate fraud it dot org

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  • Mike Doran
    Katrina video link http://lightningboy.com/Hurricane_Katrina/ +++++++++++++++ On climate fraud it dot org (http://www.climateaudit.org) . . . That was really
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2005
      Katrina video link


      On climate fraud it dot org (http://www.climateaudit.org) . . .

      That was really fun.

      Got into a complete fraud cite and just posted substantive stuff and
      get booted in three days.

      The best for last my post today rregarding the QBO was a classic--
      blasting RWN William Gray as a Republican funded fraud. I just wonder
      why it took them so long to see how badly their fraudulent material
      stands up to the EMFs on cloud microphysics.

      Rev Robertson told a Penn town that because the voters rejected
      intelligent design supporting school board members that God would
      punish their town.

      This is again interesting to me because ID is the basis for a living
      earth. The idea of cloud sortings of nucleotide complexes to garner
      complexity. So the battle is set. Science on the one hand, with
      ecology and green minded thinking, and creationists and conservatives
      and fascists on the other.

      Presently I will talk about who is number 2. And this isn't a
      discussion on short term directional behaviors of tropical storms,
      because that probably goes to someone at the NHC. This is who is the
      best in the world at long range climate discussions of tropical

      I am the number one hurricane climatologist in the world. It is not
      an idle brag--it's the truth.

      Number 2 in the world was Thomas Gray. Thomas Gray is a RWN, and he
      has let his politics get in the way of a brilliant career. He is a
      statistician who used certain measures of, as it turns out, the
      global electrical circuit, to make predictions of long range tropical
      behaviors. One such measure, for instance, is the QBO. But like the
      Nirvana song about the man with a gun, but he don't know what it
      means, Gray has fallen second to yours truly, who does.

      Until electrical and biological features of tropical climatology are
      respected by the state of the science, I will be the best in the
      world. You can check for yourself at:


      Meanwhile, Dr. Gray is successful. He gets lots of money from the
      conservative Congress to continue his research. But then, so did the
      flat landers and those who taught that the planets rounded the earth,
      and God Bless them for that.
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