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Black Sunday and Katrina

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  • Mike Doran
    In the 1920s a series of floods in the Mississippi delta caused Congress and local governments to pass a number of laws and fund a number of projects on all
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2005
      In the 1920s a series of floods in the Mississippi delta caused
      Congress and local governments to pass a number of laws and fund a
      number of projects on all the main rivers in the CONUS. Most
      significantly, a number of levies were constructed on the Mississippi
      and water was diverted for Hoovers dam. The Rio became a cement

      So there was IMHO a combination of CO2 in the waters from releases of
      methane hydrates for lack of bouancy reducing sedimentation, and at
      the same time low fresh flow, which produced high salinity levels.
      The result was specifically for 1935 a GOM which was explosively
      conductive, and a storm attracter and enhancer. Indeed, so
      explosively enhancing that Katrina's rival was created by this human


      Now, meanwhile, based on climatology, New Orleans was protected on a
      series of cement retainling walls to protect it against the surge of
      a catagory 3 storm. The danger being that the over wash of surge
      would erode the base on the other side of the retaining wall and
      allow the water to push the wall over. The levies, or mounds of dirt
      aligned against floodwaters actually fared well against Katrina.
      However, climate change from human activity is starting to present
      unique problems that diviate from climatology, and, of course, the
      engineering for Katrina wasn't there and you all know the rest of the
      story. I would like to explain some of the mechanisms involved why a
      larger storm hitting New Orleans was possible and why perhaps it
      didn't happen before.


      First you have to start specifically with the drought in the delta.
      The Mississippi as I understand from another poster here, was at its
      lowest output at the time of Katina since 1988. 1988 was the year of
      Gilbert--nuff said.
      The drought monitor link above makes it quite clear from a common
      sense standpoint that if you have drought in the Mississippi basin,
      you are going to have low flow.

      But the specific low flow down the Mississippi was in the context of
      heavy rains following the storms to Florida in 2004 and a lack of
      drought to Florida in particular. It followed somewhat of a drought
      busting tropical storm to the Bay of Campeche, and YEARS of
      subsistance of the delta, and an accumulating level of firtilizers
      and nutrients that had flowed down the Mississippi, creating the so
      called 'dead zone' off shore and certainly making for conditions that
      would have relatively speaking created methane without the same level
      of weigh down sedimentation that would have naturally flowed into the
      GOM with ditritus to feed the ecology of the hydrates. You had,
      essentially, the outgassing of methane, the consumption by the
      microbial biosphere of that methane, and extremely high levels of CO2
      in the local waters. Meanwhile, along the well watered Florida east
      and west coasts, specific red tides formed following the blooms that
      were Mississippi delta specific in March of this year. SSTs at the
      delta had risen to extremly high levels, and at the same time those
      high SSTs sat next to the coastal blooms.

      Low river flow to a region means more saline waters there. And
      higher salinity means more ions, more ions to hold a charge, more
      ions to allow the capacitive couplings required to create the
      microphysics conditions required not just for a storm, but for
      literally pointing a storm.

      Part of intelligent design in the macro biosphere necessarily is an
      ability of the macro biosphere to feedback living conditions, and it
      is that same ability to force climate that can be directed without
      intelligence. Indeed, the intelligence we see in design today is
      really the process of elimination of 'stupid' life--a process that
      has gone on for billions of years and countless transactions,
      particularly countless on the nucleotide complex side when they were
      part of individual cloud droplet microphysics per the China paper.
      But I digress.

      Now, another really interesting thing to consider from an EMF
      standpoint aside from the input of the rivers that directed Katrina
      specifically to New Orleans, as proximate to the Mississippi outflow
      or lack of outflow, was the behavior of the Pacific high. This may
      be one place where you can tie in climatology differences.

      A total ion count is what is what determines conductivity. When low
      pressure at the ocean surface causes carbination to come out of
      solution, for breif periods of time that CO2 becomes gas lighter than
      the ocean it is in, say, at ten meters, and it rises up to the
      surface and increases the CO2 available, relative to surrounding
      ocean, to run back to ion form. Of course, there are ions from the
      salts in the oceans, and the CO2 ion must work against that salt ion
      level to get a signal that is meaningful from a conductivty
      standpoint. Well, the oceans where the Pacific High exists in the
      summer time is relatively less saline and it is therefore much more
      suseptible by CO2 level change from human activity to produce a
      changed conductivity level. And it is that setting which produced
      the hurricanes of 2004, where the Pacific High was just flat out
      huge. Blooms/microbial tides along the California coast along with
      higher levels of CO2 produced some of the most conductive conditions
      imaginable that year, and it follows a steady trend. Glaciers in
      Alaska are melting, and the same jet stream changes have caused
      melting tundra and drunken trees. In the United States, Glacier
      National Park is missing 2/3 of its glaciers. These are jet stream
      changes and Pacific High changes, IMHO, directly from CO2 NOT as a
      green house gas but as an electrical forcing on cloud microphysics.
      The problem is that when you melt ice, you decrease salities, and so
      even with a trend that goes toward building the Pacific high, you
      also can create a 'wave' like feature running back the other way.
      Consistant with this, there was a bloom in Alaska this year, and the
      Pacific high was there, but certainly not like 2004. In 2004, for
      instance, Arctic temperatures saw records, and the same Arctic air
      was pushed south to the CONUS, and places like Chicago and the upper
      Midwest saw cooler temperatures. And, of course, the fronts produced
      the strikes required to power all those Florida hurricanes.

      But this year it was different. Even now after Katrina Chicago has
      baked. The Pacific high was there, again, but not like 2004. The
      cold front powering strikes were there, but not like 2004.
      Conditions were ripe for a storm outside of climatology, both in
      terms of specific location in the delta and power of storm--the rare
      landfalling major storm.

      This is a story that may have somewhat of a good ending. I am one
      who thinks you can have your cake and eat it too. That as we come to
      appreciate the actual mechanisms of these storms, that we can learn
      to modulate them with intelligent design. It's just like at the
      start of our nation, when George Washington was sick our learned
      doctors drained his blood to remove the evil spirits, we now often
      give transfusions and people donate blood for such treatment. We
      learn what works and what does not, on a living earth.
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