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Connecting calculative life with cloud microphysics

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  • Mike Doran
    Where it really gets interesting and political is not just the physics of clouds but the bio chemistry discussion about abiogenisis merged in with that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2005
      Where it really gets interesting and political is not just the
      physics of clouds but the bio chemistry discussion about abiogenisis
      merged in with that discussion. You think that the living earth
      theory has a chance to become published? Mmm? In THIS country? Where
      there is this debate about intelligent design and evolution? And
      then add on climate change with the social order run by corporative
      oil? PLEASE!!!

      Plus the thermodynamics problem of LIFE. How it can tend to disorder
      and then at the same time DAMPEN a living earth. Nucleotide complexes
      in cloud microphysics was the key, but because the oceans are too
      saline, the China paper modulations of clouds, causing them to become
      asymmetrical, can no longer occur today. Perhaps one of the biggest
      clues is implausible complexity of complete cells, but more that
      there are no fossil evidence of cells to go with early life chemical
      organizations which are found . . .

      Another schematic:

      +++++++ Ionosphere

      .~~~~ Super cooled cloud droplet in DC field
      (----) Negative ions

      ------- Ocean with negative charges held in capacitive coupling
      Here is another attempt to help you visualize the cloud microphysics
      issue. Keep in mind, too, that the super cooled droplet, in a DC
      field, is not pure water. It is a mixture of many chemicals found in
      rainwater, which contains a pH of about 5.6, although the ion content
      in a tropical storm surely has a greater content of ocean salts. So
      these are the ions that will move in the DC field and change the
      parasol asymmetry as it freezes in the cloud.

      Now, what happens as convection occurs is not only does the water
      turn to ice but also water vapor is added to the droplet, and that
      addition occurs one molecule at a time. What may be overlooked by the
      meteorological community is that water itself is electrical. Weakly
      electrical, but electrical none the less. This electrical force is
      called van der Walls force. It's the idea that the hydrogen atoms
      will tend to lose their electron orbital more easily than the oxygen
      atom. So it looks like this:

      Positive pole


      Negative pole

      So if the super cooled water parasol is in a strong DC field, and the
      ions in the parasol start to move, the manner with which additional
      water molecules are added depend on that field, the chemistry in the
      parasol, including the size, shape, mass and charge of the ions.
      That's how DNA/RNA got the start toward intelligent design, because
      the nucleotides began to act both as model and feedback--in a
      massively parallel way, calculating toward a living earth.

      DNA/RNA are chemicals that when you put them in a gel and apply a DC
      field in a process called electrophoresis, the nucleotide complexes
      move through the gel based on their size, shape, mass and charge.
      This results in what are banding behaviors. After a color agent is
      added, the researcher can tell the varying sequence content of a
      particular strand of nucleotide.

      What I am saying about the mechanical process of a living earth, at
      least the initial stages of it, is that complexity was garnered by a
      sorting of these complexes because that banding you see in the
      electrophoresis gel is the same kind of mechanism which would cause a
      different microphysics response. Specific responses in DC fields
      would have specific cloud behaviors, and, hence, result in feedback
      control and response, and then allow that successful control and
      response to be repeated as a surviving dynamic. And yet still be able
      to adapt. Over time, this results from countless transactions,
      massively parallel, in incredible complexity to come from the
      nucleotide complexes.

      Complexity then evolved from these sortings. It's kind of like Gary
      Kasporov playing Big Blue. While the computer may not be able
      to 'think' like Kasporov, eventually enough number crunching lights
      on the intelligent design. I think it is no accident that as you talk
      about microbiological processes with the experts, they will tell you
      how much of the chemistry is electrostatic in complexity. The point
      is looking big to see small complexity--macro-biology to micro-.

      BUT, it is equally important to see that these sortings no longer can
      occur because the oceans are now too saline for there to be a signal
      from the size, shape, mass and charge of the complexes. IOWs the DC
      field will cause asymmetries in cloud droplets that are super cooled
      and adding nucleotides will have little impact. But the biosphere by
      now has evolved cellular life that by its behaviors in the oceans
      impacting conductivities that have taken over the modulating role.
      But the former supports the latter in terms of describing why climate
      is a DAMPENED system, and, therefore, a determined one, not the
      chaotic oscillator that in particular the baratropical community
      considers in making forecast models.

      The key definition of life involves metabolism and catabolism and
      anabolism. I shorten this to life uses energy and repairs itself.
      This living earth model I am describing explains how both can occur
      together despite the second law of thermodynamics. That is, in fair
      weather zones UV light combines with formaldehydes to make sugars,
      and in cloudy zones the UV light is blocked and the sugars metabolize
      back to CO2 and water. Or put another way the sugars are burned
      slowly. Chemically, then, the tie has to be with the nucleotides, the
      proteins, the lipids--repairing themselves.

      The key is to appreciate that with a surface low there is
      depressurization or it's like shaking your beer and opening it. This
      causes the gas to come out of solution, and when it does the
      nucleotides rise up to the surface of the ocean. This then ties in
      metabolism or the burning of the sugars under the clouds with the
      chemical elements of life. Energy and repair combine, symbiotically.

      The nucleotide complex in the cloud parasols certainly were sorted
      and became more complex. Intelligent design began to form to use
      these dynamics more efficiently, and life fed back and controlled
      climate, weather. But also the lipids and the proteins would also get
      sorted, present chemical conditions more favorable and hence promoted
      by the intelligent design. So when the Christain IDers say
      implausible complexity supports God, not evolution, they
      mathematically fail to describe the so-called 'weighted die.' The
      evolutionist equally fails to describe design, making their science
      more like myth. They both fail to describe the computer Big Blue
      doing countless calculative number crunches against Kasporov--it's
      not a too lucky of a move--it's a massively calculated one.

      I know this discussion, which is controversial, seems to be a huge
      digression relative to climatology, but when I show you pictures of
      biological conditions, sometimes the argument is that the input
      caused the biological condition, not the biological condition caused
      the climate or the weather event. By showing what modulation is--what
      its context and history is, you can appreciate what is input stimulus
      to a living earth, and how it responds, and then how human activity
      creates or not defects in living earth feedback controls.

      Stephen Hawking said as the new century arose, "I think the next
      century will be the century of complexity."

      I agree. What's important to appreciate about the biological
      complexity on atmospheric sciences is that ultimately it isn't a
      chaotic system, from a mathematical standpoint, but a dampened one.
      That is, there are periodic oscillators, chaotic oscillators, and
      dampened ones. The biosphere acts to dampen climate. You see, every
      storm simplifies, comes to 'rest' eventually, as a repeated set of
      strands of nucleotide complexes. Those nucleotide complexes follow
      the second law of thermodynamics, too--they can lose energy to the
      point of the fact that you can freeze sperm and later it can make a
      baby. But don't try freezing me, like Ted William's head--I am too
      involved with the chaotic energy inputs on a living earth. Of course,
      earth is an 'open' system, but you can still think about it in terms
      of input and output and direction that the whole system is going. A
      dampened system then becomes determinable by the behaviors of the
      biosphere that modulate a living earth.

      The bio chemists tried to solve organization with the Miller
      experiments. But this was a failure, and can easily be proved by the
      implausible complexity of handedness. Indeed, there are drugs today
      that fail because the chemistry of the drug hinges on two hands, and
      produces beneficial effects, and toxic ones too.

      Massively parallel in cloud parasols--a calculative sorting like a
      super computer, over huge timescales and transaction numbers--easily
      solved the most difficult problems like handedness. Brings
      intelligent design.
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