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Re: Ripped right out of the headlines

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  • space1weather
    ... Decadal ... rainfall ... Mike, I see you have been speaking about my solar wind theory regarding 500 km/sec... ...Thanks...Harvey and Irene both followed
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2005
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      --- In methanehydrateclub@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Doran"
      <narodaleahcim@a...> wrote:

      > The proof keeps coming in. Draft paper written by Ed Mecurio about
      > the solar polarity effect upon galactic cosmic rays and how this may
      > effect different teleconnections. Arctic Oscillation, Pacific
      > Oscillation, Southern Oscillation Index ... even Los Angeles
      > patterns:
      > http://www.hartnell.cc.ca.us/faculty/mercurio/GCR.pdf


      I see you have been speaking about my solar wind theory regarding 500
      km/sec... ...Thanks...Harvey and Irene both followed this
      rule...diminishing rule also... since we last spoke...I also see you
      still must be getting into the other place still ... I wondered about
      some other names... I posted Ed Mecurio's draft paper URL there last
      night. I meant to share this with you a while back but things got to
      hectic. It's quite interesting.

      The sun has been quieter and so are the tropics now.... Been telling
      them at Storm2K for almost a week now that this was going to occur but
      they did not want to listen. I also said that the new NOAA/Gray
      outlook numbers are way overblown...Non favorable SOI & MJO phases.

      BTW remember my discussion last March in TWC ..1/20/05 + 199 days =
      8/7/2005....Notice that the 30 day SOI just changed to a negative
      trend again. First negative 30 day avg. since June 30th.

      Do not misinterpet me. It's not like some 199 day delayed effect
      occurrs. This is related to the recent space weather caused by solar
      magnetic field changes. If you recall I mentioned in early June that
      the sun would become much more active between June 30th-August 9th.

      This is cyclical and this particular phase is most likely related to
      the solar north pole. I believe it has started to get stronger. It had
      been in a weakening state for quite some time now and the WSO filtered
      averages show this. Their data may not show it strengthening for a
      while but I know it will show up. I have seen it take weeks to months
      to show up.

      I have several other URL's that may interst you. I will get back to
      you soon with them.

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