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Signal Noise and CO2

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  • Mike Doran
    The most significant measure of cycling CO2 is seen between El Nino and La Nina. And water vapor is modulated in the actual changes of electrical state between
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2005
      The most significant measure of cycling CO2 is seen between El Nino
      and La Nina. And water vapor is modulated in the actual changes of
      electrical state between these two phases.

      The same measure was seen in Hurricane Felix in a paper published in
      Nature by Bates et al. That is a big paper from where I study. What
      happens in my view is a hurricane low causes CO2 to come out of
      solution and ride to the top or skin of the ocean where it converts
      back to ion form--making the surface relatively more conductive for
      brief periods of time. For that reason, I look at CO2 as an
      electrical forcing, not as a GHG--the clouds are the key 'green house
      gas', plus the clouds have the kinetic and chemical meaning.

      I look at the CO2 like water as to my sweating when I am hot. Water--
      is it my body water? Is it water in the air? Where living and non
      living meet, what we are talking about is effective feedback loops.
      Likewise, when you talk about methane hydrate fields, you are talking
      about a biogenenic storage source of carbon, which life converts to
      CO2. These hydrate fields, for instance, add climate stability to
      regions because CO2 content is pretty much promised even if a roiling
      storm causes outgassing in the short term.

      There is a climate bb where my name is still being mentioned in
      frustration FIVE YEARS later over methane hydrates, and it all
      started by the observation that hurricanes were a lacking in the
      thirties with the Dust Bowl.

      One of the most important things that you learn as a student of
      the 'bar' is when a problem is given to you--solve that problem. The
      way it is put is that you must focus on the call of the question. It
      has been said that the most brilliant answer--which fails to address
      the question asked, gets zero, while the incorrect answer . . . to
      the question, gets at least some credit.

      It has been some time now, but years ago over there at this bb, I
      noticed that changes in hydrology impacted tropical storm behaviors.
      I deduced from these circumstances that hydrates impacted tropical
      storms, and, indeed, they do. Just the mechanism was incorrectly
      stated back then and a discussion of hydrate instability lead to a
      discussion on superstorms, which was seen as too much Art Bell.

      Presently, my tropical storm forecast is the best in the world, and
      that excellence stems from answering the question asked--no one is
      calling me Art Bell when I call hurricanes months before they occur.
      You can go to the
      http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/methanehydrateclub and see that
      forecast on March 31, 2005 for this year.

      Anyway, on superstorms I will say this. The mechanism isn't phase
      change energies or methane as a GHG--this has been explored. And even
      if the answer is an incorrect postulation--it was answering the
      correct question. The mechanism is more dynamic and kinetic and
      biological in that the hydrates are biologically metabolized to CO2--
      where gas exchange in regional oceans impact storm behaviors. Florida
      gets hurricanes between the hydrate fields of the GOM and off the
      Carolina coasts for a reason.

      Since conductivity is the key, superstorms are products of an
      increasingly saline ocean relative to its heat energy. It would
      appear that the slowly melting glaciers prevent such state and that
      is our present course . . . at least so far.

      And the moon indeed does have a role in outgassing patterns, getting
      to roiling and gas exchange as Keeling Whorf have noted with the
      Little Ice Age cycle matching moon patterns. But the idea has to be
      to ask questions about conductivity and cloud organizations. As long
      as you are afraid to ask the right questions, there will always be
      more heat than light in these discussions.

      So for all here, here are some of the main links from 1999 or so that
      started it all for me on rivers and hydrates and where CO2 becomes a
      signal over its natural existance in our atmosphere, much like water
      is to sweat:



      River changes to the Mississippi began in the 1920s . . .

      Unfortunately, we don't have the EPAC tropical storm data until AFTER
      WWII, although in my view you can see some impact on tropical storm
      activity in the GOM after the Colorado river was diverted in the
      early 30s. Also, there are similar impact when the Sultan Sea was
      created by levy break off the Colorado at the turn of the century.

      I am connecting the causal behaviors of our most significant WEATHER
      events. You all keep talking about 'climate', as if you know what it
      is! Both climate AND weather are electrical and biological.
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