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  • Leo Sullivan
    Here is a scary take on the planet-as-capacitor; and a definitive application being ignored by orthodox cosmologists. Students of sand and saltation may also
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2005
      Here is a scary take on the planet-as-capacitor; and a definitive
      application being ignored by orthodox cosmologists. Students of sand
      and saltation may also be piqued.

      < They talk about a "rain" of ions on Europa and a "wind" of charged
      particles from the sun. But moving charged particles are elsewhere
      better known as an electrical current."
      "Electrically active plasmas behave as though they were alive. They
      self-organize into complex forms that twist and turn and change states.
      They're mathematically messy. They're anarchic. But conceptually
      "The theory of gravity is surprised by each new discovery of space
      probes and space telescopes. Each surprise has to be patched with
      another ad hoc excuse [usually blamed on "magnetism"]. EPP accounts for
      the many surprising features of the cosmos with a single coherent
      theory. It can often point to a lab demonstration or to a computer
      simulation--or even to an ancient petroglyph! * -- that mimics the
      newly discovered form. What EPP may lack in mathematical elegance is
      more than made up for in generality.>
      - http://www.dragonscience.com/view/question.html


      Massive dust storms on Mars have meteorologists  scrambling for
      explanations. Is it solar heating, or electricity, that powers these
      storms in the near vacuum of the Martian atmosphere?
      <...it appears that the dust is being jetted upwards rather than being
      blown along the surface. This ... explains how dust is raised
      efficiently many kilometers into the thin air and suspended for a time
      electrostatically. The role of violent vortices on the leading edge of
      dust storms is particularly clear ... examination should show that
      these tornadoes** form preferentially on high points and the sharp
      edges of craters or escarpments.>
      [**c.f. Thornhill's electric tornado of solar filaments at

      a frightening thought:
      an electrical epoch
      [* I'd never appreciated just how accurately the Tibetan dorje maps the
      lines of magnetic field - until I saw it in the context of this

      The application and associated prediction:
      'Martian "Blueberries" in the Lab' -Mar 25, 2005-
      Plasma physicist uses electric arcs to replicate the [previously]
      mysterious spherules on the Red Planet.

      Back in the concrete bunker:
      The Berkeley high school kids say my new
      'Humbolt State' t-shirt
      ["HUMBOLDT" in kelly on mustard yellow;
      sans cannabis referents]
      is "dumb".
      These ... most amazingly arrogant creatures
      on the flat earth;
      each demands their humiliation be accomplished with only the most
      pointed spit, produced anew every time they have some cyclic
      neurotransmitter surge...
      These mammals will bear watching... if not
      corrective containment and coercive pruning.
      The suggestion of a decadent corrupted ruling class seems elegantly
      ideal for that purpose.____________________
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