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A review of Crichton's 'State of Fear'

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  • mike@usinter.net
    I just finished State of Fear . I have countless comments. The work will have unintended consequences. Part of the problem is that in restating dogma and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2004
      I just finished 'State of Fear'.

      I have countless comments. The work will have unintended

      Part of the problem is that in restating dogma and then forming
      a 'skeptical' voice of that dogma that one creates another new set of
      established theory. And that is where the the stooges for the mass
      genocidal fascists find themselves, right at this time. They are
      targets. Not targets in the literal sense, but in the intellectual
      sense, especially because much of the theory that Crichton presents
      is now what I would call mainstream. Keep in mind Crichton's book is
      the number one best seller in the nation, our President is a former
      oil company owner and backed by fossil fuel, and we are in Iraq
      shedding blood for oil.

      But it is best to start from common ground. In his own words, on
      page 321, he writes:

      . . . were intended to do something called "charge amplification" of
      the storm. It was an idea from the last ten years, when people first
      began to study lightning in the field, in actual storms. The old
      idea was that each lightning strike decreased the storm's intensity,
      because it reduced the difference in electrical charge between the
      clouds and the ground. But some researchers had concluded that
      lightning strikes had the opposite effect. They increased the power
      of the storms dramatically. The mechanism for this was not known, but
      was presumed to be related to the sudden heat of the lightning bolt,
      or the shock wave it created, adding turbulence to the already
      turbulant storm center. In any case, there was now a theory that if
      you could make more lighting, the storm would get worse.

      This is more than theory--I have demostrated it to you many times.
      The mechanism is incorrectly stated. What happens with strikes is
      they are part of not just direct currents from the ionosphere but
      overall a part of the largescale wave patterns that precent DC
      fields. Put another way, a strike will cause the ionosphere above a
      storm to possess very strong positive chargess, and along the edge of
      a storm, the fact that water is an extremely powerful dielectric
      constant, these voltages mean that a powerful field (not current)
      presents itself along the leading edge of a severe storm. That means
      that cloud microphysics along that edge are impacted most, and
      impacted in such a way that super cooled water attempting to add new
      water molecules to a freezing matrix will tend to elongate from ions
      moving in that DC field, and that asymmetry compared to the nearby
      air relatively protected from that field by the high water and
      therefore high cloud dielectric values will have microphysics of
      phase changing with much better symmetry, and therefore more
      effective conversion from water vapor to water or ice. The result
      is that water vapor will diffuse toward the cloud and create a bright
      barotropic line of rising, phase changing and warming air and
      relatively cooling, not phase changing, dropping air. This is the
      basic thermodynamic model of a severe storm Strikes, then, enhance
      the fields attendant with severe weather, by intensifying the
      relative fields.


      The basic blunders in Crichton's book is that CO2 in gas exchange is
      electrical, and that climate is not, as he quotes Hansen, coupled,
      complex, chaotic, non-linear but rather it is a MODULATED system by
      the macrobiosphere. I have more peculiars with his previous
      book 'Prey', where he fails to appreciate that abiogenesis conditions
      don't exist in the present atmosphere, electrically, to support
      nucleotide cloud parasol sorting and calculated, garnered precellular
      biological complexity, and that is the mechanism for the present
      dampening, or the complexity behind it. And that the purpose of the
      earth's biosphere is ultimately to modulate the earth's magnetic
      field. IOWs, Crichton is another chaos was, chaos is burn fossil
      fuels civilization advocate, when it's about modulation then,
      modulation now, sustain a living earth.


      I have much more to say, and it's fairly brutal and scathing. In
      time, these ideas will tell. But it would be interesting to have a
      chance to sit down with Crichton for a couple of hours and point to
      his own words, his own thoughts, and teach him his blunders here from
      his own work.
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