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Fred on 2LT

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  • mike@usinter.net
    Fred, a friend from another bb, wrote this a few days ago: It s all about Regional Climate Changes. The increasing number and intensity of climate disaster
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2004
      Fred, a friend from another bb, wrote this a few days ago:

      "It's all about Regional Climate Changes. The increasing number and
      intensity of climate disaster events (RCC) will dictate what
      responses are required and the urgency of their implementation. I can
      only suggest the v-best options based on thermodynamic theory.
      Fred from another bb, as I posted above, wrote:

      The RCC theory is based on a property of the second law of
      thermodynamics (2LT) that states that low Entropy and thus high
      energy sources always move towards high entropy sinks. I assume
      everyone knows this and so I do not always state it clearly. Contrary
      to this, there is a prevailing opinion that surfaced during the
      Florida hurricanes that energy sources move towards warm water or low
      pressure regions and pick up energy. They do of course but only if
      the total of ALL thermodynamic parameters in those regions is of net
      higher entropy. Otherwise the flux of entropy will appear to be
      totally unpredictable. The only thing that is predictable is that
      hurricanes want to increase their entropy by imparting low entropy or
      ordered sates to their current surrounding ... by the 2LT. A
      consequence of this is that kinetic energy is released during that
      process and that makes it seem as if hurricanes are tracking high
      energy sources when in fact they are not."

      My comments:

      What you have to appreciate is the ELECTRICAL aspect of the storm is
      what gives it order. Therefore, even as 2LT law is followed, the
      storm will follow the MOST CONDUCTIVE path where couplings occur
      between the ionosphere and ocean, which causes the organizing aspects
      of the cloud microphysics. Appreciate with strikes over land causing
      huge displacement currents from the ionosphere. For instance Charley
      had 60,000 strikes north of it over the Gulf Stream off the Carolina
      coasts as it turned north, That energy organized both electrically
      and thermodynamically over the most conductive waters--the tropics,
      and where roiling from the storm causes gas exchanges of CO2 and
      hence more 'ordered' conductivity patterns. It turned north, as that
      intense displacement current flowed directly through the conductive
      ionosphere to the edges of the storm, and then through the Gulf
      Stream to the ocean edges of the storm, and caused an intense but
      organized coupling that caused localized microphysical properties of
      clouds to change. These clouds could not form, could not give phase
      change energies to the air from water vapor, despite how warm and
      humid and 'energized' that air might be. That water vapor then
      diffused to the edge of the storm to the feeder bands and helped turn
      and intensify it north towards SW Florida where it fell. This is
      EXACTLY the stuff of abiogenesis--addressing the ultimate mystery of
      life in contrast to 2LT.

      This appreciation of a living earth will, if garnered into the
      political consciousness, have profound implications, because it will
      act as a theme for organizing energy and environmental policies--
      which on a living, sustainable earth, are one and the same.
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