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More storms coming

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  • mike@usinter.net
    ENSO: induction and gas exchange that is very important as from Texas to Florida looks at the J storm, with the CV season producing the K storm at the CV
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2004
      ENSO: induction and gas exchange that is very important as from Texas
      to Florida looks at the J storm, with the CV season producing the K
      storm at the CV islands as we speak.

      You can say it's El Nino's fault, or the Bermuda High, but you
      haven't expained what the Bermuda High IS! If you have huge amounts
      of voltages in the most conductive places, those places cause
      displacement currents with the ionosphere and change cloud formation
      processes. When the jet is running down hard into the US, it causes
      strikes and lots of voltages to support that High. And than you have
      to talk about the algae bloom off the Washington coast, and so forth.

      Now, there is induction and there is gas exchange with ENSO.
      Induction will be what happens if you get a sustained wind direction,
      the SOI--where it brings a profound and sustained SST change (which
      also carries an electrical meaning) from one side of the Pacific to
      the next. That's your start of the ENSO cycle. BUT, as an
      intermediate state, if there is an SOI reading favoring one side of
      the Pacific, the waters are roiled and gas is released, and for a
      period conductivity increases, BUT once the gas is gone the other
      side becomes more conductive. YET, if ENSO is sustained you will have
      constant outgassing and yet no reversal, again, due to the induction
      of the sustained wind against the earth's EMF and how that impacts
      cloud dynamics. The biosphere comes in here, because when SSTs get
      warm, sure, they are conductive, BUT the warm thermohaline does NOT
      support a food chain for lack of upwelling of nutrients. So cold
      waters, especially in fair weather with the full sun, are going to
      produce food chains that produce conductive material containment AND
      CO2 concentrations, which then are available for gas exchange and
      reduction of conductivity. So over longer time periods ENSO reverses.

      You think this roiling stuff and conductivity and cloud behaviors is
      silly? Check out this link:




      If shaking your beer alters conductivity--imagine what a ship prop
      does (with some seed soot)! Or a hurricane with 165 mph sustained
      winds over a 20 mile area (with some seed diatoms)?


      Appreciate is that CO2 is ELECTRICAL in its meaning in gas exchange.

      Let's talk about Allison. How could the cirrus clouds remain trapping
      heat in the WGOM when the surface low, a weak tropical storm, was
      ashore? What keeps the bands running from Florida to Texas as

      Because a low pressure and an 'eye' are two different things.
      Certainly roiling helps pattern a storm if the low and the eye
      correspond. But what we are talking about is ELECTRICAL, about cloud
      microphysics, and how DC fields make ice cloud asymmetries that cause
      cloudd behaviors. This picture shows with the oncoming band an
      electrical coupling at the shore where a hole is literally burned
      through the band by a strong capactive coupling. There were strikes
      at the time up and down Florida you could see realtime at
      http://www.lightningstorm.com and then soon the feeder bands were
      more from the Atlantic and that band that extended from Florida to
      Texas ended. That's an ELECTRICAL organization. NO WAY does heat
      processes organize (or unorganize) that far in a matter of MINUTES.
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